Skull forging on a pro cape


You can see in the screenshot above.

6 different capes.

86 forges in total.

I’ve gotten every other perk multiple times already, but still no skull perk %.


How is this possible? It must be a new record.

I’ve got lucky 2 pieces of gear I changed perk and received skull perk after first forge. I don’t forge gear much at the moment except to try for skull gear if it takes more than 5 times I quit.

Mhmm, if I’m not mistaken, the chance is 0.5% when you consider all the way. :wink:

But seriously, this is really f****d up…

I’m trying to find Hammerstrike perk on that Chloris cape

It’s +6 forges now, and I removed Skull Perk 3 times! 

I think I got 3 of those RIGHT NOW! ?

Try searching for a skull during a war while wearing war gear. that’s not counting the parade of the planets and the tambourine dance


In my case I tried to turn my heal ring into skull perk. Have gotten all other perks already at least twice, some even 5 times. Call it bad luck, I call it absurd.

Getting perks over and over again that already have been removed is not done. This randomness is just abnormal, that’s why I already asked a long time ago to give us the option to either remove perks we don’t want or pick our perk for a certain amount of gems.

It’s not only the amount of unsuccessful attempts plus pearls wasted by this that’s frustrating, it’s also time we need to wait after investing gems and retrying that’s giving a bad feeling. Some get it on first attempt while others not even got it after 50+ attempts. 

There is a possible other suggestion by my side to change this. When you remove a perk, take the percentage of this perk away and divide it over the other perks. Let’s give an easy example. Say we have 10 items each 10% chance. I remove original perk and spin. I get a perk A, which I don’t want, wait till cool down is over and remove that perk. Now divide the 10% over the other items. This means the 10% chance is divided over the other perks and increases their odds.

So after removing perk A, chance on perk A is 0% and for the other perks 11.1%. Now spin again. Again not the item I want. Then split 11.1% over the other perks, making perk A 1.2%, perk B 0% and perks C till J are 12.3%.

And so on and so on. Then at least the odds getting a perk I already removed at next turns is pretty low, while the odds of other perks increase. 

In my case a ring has 15 ??? possible stats and heal ring skull perk options the odds would have increased by 50* 0.65%, so the odds would no longer be 6%, but close to 35%. It wouldn’t mean I already would have gotten it, but by increased odds after every attempt, at least I would feel I pretty soon would succeed. That’s something with current method I absolutely don’t have as feeling, the odds stay 6%, which seems not right to me. Like I said, some perks I already received 5+ times!


Moving this to General Discussions -> Blacksmith.

I experience many time this problem. I forged many time but i hadn’t lucky.

I suggest i.e. we should buy skull perk or other property of units or spells for some gems - in example for 500 gems (i should choose and buy)

Even for 1k I would buy the skull perk. I have tried it a lot and all attempts so far failed on my heal ring. With the cape I forged 2 speed capes simultaneously, second cape first try. I did accept that the skull% was much lower, that is forgeable and in the meanwhile I can use the other skull cape. Of course I stopped forging the cape I replaced. for the record, I still have that other cape (leadership). It might still be useful.

I indeed also want an option that prevents endless attempts to get a certain perk. either give us the option to buy the perk of choice or either do what I suggested, increase the odds of other perks every spin. In pro sets, there is no alternative, so only option we have now is to remove a perk and hope for the best. But after 50+ failed attempts, I honestly have had enough of waiting to get that perk. I even gave up my attempt right now.

Madlen, can you propose this problem to developers?


Leave it green. whatever u do.

I get the carcass cape mixed up with the sharpshooter wraps.


I’m really hoping for some kind of solution to skull forging, and trait forging in general. I think the forges should cycle through the entire possible traits and then never land on them again until the ‘cycle’ is complete.

In other words, if there are 3 traits available, it will take up to 3 forges to get a certain desired trait. If you get your desired trait the first forge and want to go back later, you will guaranteed get it in another 5 forges (2 to finish the first cycle, and up to 3 more forges in the new cycle). Granted this means in higher trait amounts it could be a lot, but at least you won’t be landing on the same trait over and over while looking for that desired trait. It will just cycle through all of them until you complete it, and guarantees you find one of the traits you want or any of them from the list, but still requires quite a bit of forging with sheer luck, especially if you change your mind after you get your initial desired trait.

Would this be a reasonable solution?

Its all about luck.

Got these 2 items from pro-chest as Conquest rewards and forged right away


So I finally got it at the 116th try. It must be a record, for sure. :wink:

Up to 33% now.

5800 gems later, I suppose they think this system is balanced and fair?

Regardless, congratulations. =P Just working on getting leveled up, myself.


Up till now the most I’ve had to forge was +16 on a kickback aura ring. The other ring, cape and belts I didn’t have to go over +7 or +8 to get skull%.

It took a little bit longer this time, but I’m finally done with the skull gear. :slight_smile:

And I’ve managed to get the skull perk at 2nd and 4th perk on two different Cloris capes (plus the one I’m already using with it) while looking for the Hammerstrike perk ?.

Madlen, can you reply (meybe from developers) in this issue? Any changes are possible?