Skull forging on a pro cape

Forwarded but answered??

Im also exhausted with 60 forges on 3 zelos rings…based on possiblies i could get skull perk 3 times now… Madlen u should put some logic in forging,this is a very bad joke to a lot of people…

It seems to be totally ignored. 50 gems per try seems to be a bad joke, when you already received every possible perk multiple times, with the exception of the perk you are looking for. 

We already suggested to let us pick the perk of our wish for 1k gems, a lot of players would pay that price for sure. I already stopped trying to get a skull perk on my heal ring, it’s just depressing to see to get a perk you already received multiple times over and over again (some perks I received 5-6 times already so far), while the only perk I am interested in (the skull perk) did not even show up once. 

I even suggested another option, when you remove a perk, make the odds zero to receive that perk next time and divide the odds over the other perks. Say there are 11 perks possible and you receive a perk with 10% chance. Then divide the 10% over the remaining other 10 items or in other words every other perk you didn’t get, will get 1% higher odds next time. So in terms of the skull perk, the odds become 7%. Then you spin again and get and item with 30% chance, you remove it and the 30% is divided over the other perks. Skull perk odds would raise by 3% (10%). If you are unfortunate and get a perk with very low percentage (for example the one with 1%), then even all other perks increase next time by 0.1%. This way the odds to find the perk of your wish would at least increase. It won’t mean you can’t stay unfortunate for a while, but after every retry at least the odds to get it increase to a realistic chance. And then it might still be possible to need 100% tries, but at least the end would be in sight. 

Or another option, give us the choice by totally eliminating a perk out of the list after removing it. Sure, people could have made a mistake by removing a perk, but what stops them from buying that item again in the pro shop? I would really appreciate it, if we would get a descent response. Or should we add this to the January questions?

My nightmare finally is over. After trying to convert my heal ring(s) into a skull perk, yesterday finally I was fortunate to get that skull perk. Must say it was a weird one, forging two rings at same time.

First ring had pyro perk, removed the luck perk on second one and got pyro perk on second one and luck perk on first one?. So removed them after cool down and got cannon on one perk and XP on second one. Next try, once again cannon on second one and xp on first one. Then double life drain. Then I stopped with one ring and didn’t honestly expect to get skull perk. and when I didn’t expect it, I got skull perk. Low value, but that’s forgeable upwards. Now first I need to improve the heal percentage of this pro ring up to over 100%, I have time to forge the skull percentage up. It just gives me 3 skulls less than the other perk, so I can live with that. 

Still I think this should be redesigned. Give players the option to either remove perks they found and aren’t interested in or when you remove a perk, divide the percentage over the other items. This way the odds to get the perk you are interested in, increases in time and even the most unlucky players don’t need 100+ attempts to get the perk of their choice.

I found skull perk on this one a few days ago on first try too, guess I’m just lucky with capes

On the other side, I finally found Skull perk on a Chloris ring today at the 112th try!
I was forging 4 rings at the same time since the Community Week started and it was really annoying having to spend 200 gems every 12 hours just to remove the same perks over and over again 

I really hope the perks system gets some great improvements on next version!
Getting what you want instantly after paying once or only after months when you already spent over 100x more is way too random!
Same thing for the roulette on forging system, paying an already very high amount of pearls to forge the whole kingdom or having to waste DOUBLE that high value based only on lucky should not be a thing.

It seems like there’s always 1 item that takes forever to get skull perk on.