Skull gear, multiple forges before value is increased by 0.01%

When we reach a certain value on skull gear (6.60%), display shows a forge increases the value by 0.00%. We need multiple forges to reach 0.01% extra on a skull perk and since max value is close to 7%, we can’t possible know how many forges we still need to improve the value.

Do we need 1, 2 or even more additional forges to increase the value by 0.01%. We just don’t know.

Increasing visible digits behind decimal separator won’t help here a lot, it will be even annoying. It would be better to know how many forges are still required to reach 0.01% extra.

I put it here now for skull gear as request, but this can be done for all perks, how many forges are required to reach 0.01 extra. When just 1 forge is required, just display 1 as value.

It helps us to determine how many forges are required to reach a visible improvement (in case of skull perks this is a must have feature), with 2 digits behind decimal separator.

When for example a very high player with incredible high skull perk value wants to increase skull perk and there stands a number of 100 forges, he at least sees also some progress.

Say for yourself, 0.00% improvement isn’t meaningful, while reading 3 forges to improve the percentage by 0.01% is meaningful.

we ask this question for the spells goning +0.00 … and got an answer :frowning:
Dena did you reed it?

No I didn’t, because Madlen told that this belongs to Ideas & Features.

It’s a disappointing answer honestly, that they won’t consider it.

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If you are at 6.85, you need ~ 20 successful Forgings for 0.01 :smirk:

I am not at this level. But there are Players with items higher than 6.90!! Totally crazy

I made my own count list. Unfortunately, the number of steps is not identical for all equipment.
Starting at 6.64%, the number of forges increases for 0.01 by at least one forging step, sometimes by 2 forging steps:
Healing ring
6,73% -> 6,74% (3x); 6,74%-> 6,75% (5x)
6.72% -> 6.73% (4x); 6.73% -> 6.74% (5x)
Rot shackles(Uber)
6,72% ->6,73% (4x)

Approximate number of forging skulls
6.1-6.2 5 times
6.2-6.3 6 times
6.3-6.4 7 times
6.4-6.5 11 times
6.5-6.6 18 times
6.6-6.7 26 times
6.7-6.8 38 times
6.8-6.9 76 times


Hi y’all! I get where you are coming from and that this would be helpful for the top players :rr2blacksmiththumbsup:. As I said there are also downsides of this. I will ping the devs about this again, but as mentioned in the topic Jesper has created there are no plans to implement this for now.
Therefore closing this topic to free votes. Sorry to have no better news at this point. :frowning:


I did not explicitly only mention you, there were some other people as well who wrote feature requests in that topic, but of course, a quick search if a similiar idea topic or discussion topic about a subject was already answered/moved to interesting/declined topics is always welcome :slight_smile:) I would like to write an idea tracker one day in a topic to provide an easier overview for everyone as well, but that’s only on my wishlist for now.

Thanks everyone (especially those who also provided guesses for the approximate impact and number of forges- maybe somebody wants to open a topic on the player content section…make it a wiki (trust level2 user) and then everyone could provide more insights into the numbers as well) and good weekend! :rr2advisornod:

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