Skull perk not increased after perking

I spent 500 pearls  each to increase my skull perk on gloves and sword, it showed successful but did not increase the skull perk. 

Please help.

IGN - talibasad.


Was the skull perk at 5.2% ?

It was 4.2℅, should have increased to 4.3℅

well that 0.1% is rounded so it can be like 0.05% so for example 4.2% + 0.05% = 4.25% so it will displayed as 4.2% at the end. but if you forge it again it can go for example to 4.4% the next for example everything you see is rounded so. just forge it again to see that it goes up again.

At some point you will need a lot of forge to increase 0.1%, from 6.6% to 6.7% for example need 21 forges

Is there a limit at forges of a particular perk?

Well at some point you will reach 0.0%, so yeah theres a limit but better to stop even earlier.Simply not worth the pearls.

If the screen says a successful spin will  increase the value by 0.1 then the value should increase by 0.1. Flare’s backend doesn’t mean anything to me because I cannot see it. What I can see is a very clear offer to take my 6.9 perk and increase it by 0.1. Nowhere does it say, “Your actual perk and the increase may be less than we show you, so the increase may be less than the written offer.”

EDIT: Also, I don’t see where the rounding comes from. We are not increasing the perk by x%, but by a discrete number.  In other words, the equation  is X% + Y% and not X% * Y%.  In the former there is no need for rounding, while in the latter it could be.

The only way it makes sense to me is if the item level is taken into account so the equation becomes ItemLevel*(ExistingPerk + AddedPerk).

But that is not possible for my sword with a slow down perk because swords don’t naturally have a slow down function so the only perk are the discrete numbers provided via pearls.  I got the slow down function at 6.6% and increased it by the offered .01% four times. It should be at 7.0% but it is not. Since Flare is one lyrics adding 0.1% for each perk, rounding can’t come into it.

It’s rounding, just trust that number you’re seeing is not what you’re seeing :slight_smile:   An easy example in the other direction is forging XP gear. From 18% to 20%, it will show you .1 increase, it’s actually around .14%, but visually rounded to .1%.  Multiple times in that range, it increases by .2 visually. 

Skull perks work in the same manner, like @Fii Nami mentioned, after 6.2% (I think) it will show .01% increase as the rounding would show you .0% if they didn’t show the hundredth position.  Also, when you visually add up your %, what’s actually show vs what you get are often different. Most of us just wait until we attack in war to report our %.  Someone with 6.4*5 might not really be 32%, they might be 6.35*5. 

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