Skull reward

I seriously hate skull rewards in Chamber of Fortune. Sure… chances to get the reward without the need to spend gems like water have been increased by moving the skull reward from third chest to first chest, but to my opinion there should not be a skull reward inside a chest at all. And I think most players will agree with me on this one.


The only valid reason why to put such reward inside a chest is that Flare seriously hopes that some players who pick an incorrect first chest, are tempted to spend gems for still getting that skull reward. Towards me only reason to do so, is to get another source of indirect income. Even when we spend a few gems during each war, if you count it up all together, it’s a small fortune.  


A denial of this fact I would see as an insult, players aren’t stupid. So, if your honest and only intentions were to reward players, just add that skull amount directly to the score. If you tell us that you just want to add some factor of luck, I consider it as another slap in the face. Luck has nothing to do with it. It would be indeed a luck factor if we had no option to spend gems for another try.


Who asked for these skull rewards anyway? We already got higher skulls for attacking stronger players, so this reward is not needed and completely obsolete. If a player with high hero level has a relative weak base, why you would even consider protecting him by giving us a lower skull reward. Protecting lower level kings is already arranged by the lower skulls. If you have the opinion that the gap between skulls isn’t large enough, then increase that gap, by changing your algorithm. When players offer equal skulls, it’s logical that the weakest of them gets most attacks. Instead of protecting that person, the members of his team should tell him to improve his base. If someone is bleeding skulls, protecting him by offering a lower skull reward is wrong signal.


Chance would be 75% to open first chest succesfully was told us. Honestly I don’t believe this, I think it’s 75% in most ideal situation, but in reality, the odds are lower. I would not be surprised if there is something inside the algorithm that reduces the chance when a player actually spend gems in the past and continues to open chests. And I don’t know if something has been adapted by the arrival of the luck perk.


I will ask a few questions. What are the odds with success rate 75% first chest correct that :

  • 8 first chests in a row are wrong --> 1:65.536 This happened to me twice in a very short period of time. I must be very unlucky (Black cat of Edward doesn’t help to break the curse :grinning:
  • 2 out of 15 are correct – Chance on winning the jackpot in biggest lotery on earth is more likely. Still I managed to accomplish this. Would like to know if someone else has been even more unfortunate. 
  • when we spend gems to continue the search for skulls, very often the next chest also is incorrect (even the third chest!) – Happens to me a lot of times. Coincidence? Don’t think so.
  • we almost never have 6-10 correct chests in a row. – Chances for opening 5 chests correct in a row should be 24%. However it feels much lower.
  • after first chest indeed holds skull rewards, the second chest very often is incorrect

Features should increase pleasure and this definitely has opposite effect. I am always wondering after succesful raid, will I get skull reward and if so, I feel relieved. And when not, I got the deja vu feeling of there we go again, again that hand that is trying to grab into my gem bag. I don’t like the feeling of being robbed.  


My suggestion is to remove the skull reward completely. But I also realise that this isn’t going to happen. Fact is the “evil genius” who is inventing all these terrible pay to win features, seems only to speak the money language and is completely deaf and blind for suggestions and wakeup calls. Need a new one? Wake up!!! You are ruining the game! I am not trying to insult you, but come on, get real. That short term vision is ruining the game.


What’s next? Do we need to pay gems to even start a raid during war season? I hope I didn’t give you another terrible idea.

I think instead of the magician skull that comes out of the box on an unsuccessful attempt, Flare should allow gifts from all the chests. 


Of course, you would have varying fortunes in that you can get high ended items or small unit gear, whatever, that can still be used in the blacksmith’s backyard or can be sold for gold. This will just make people paly the game more. Just my thought.


What do you think?

They already implemented the next thing by skullperk Dena.


Furthemore I 100% agree with you, of course :slight_smile:

Fortunately I already have a farm skull perk of 1,8% Vester. So I already get some extra skulls :grinning:

I mean I have an uber perk for skulls. Farm