Skull reward

I am getting sick and tired of the skull reward. I don’t see any fun in opening the first chest after a war raid. Too many times it’s a failure and I feel it’s just a feature to get players waste gems.

Say we are no champion and have 10 raids with no skull perk and 2% bonus plus our team faces a 60 player alliance.

  • In total we can score 3 times max skulls -> (1015*3) plus 2% per war raid. ==> 3248 skulls
  • When we add the skull rewards in chest to it, we can get 3*100 + 3*99 + 3*98 + 1*97 ==> 988 skulls
  • Do we take the sum, then we can get 3248 + 988 = 4236 skulls in total
  • 988/4236*100% => 23% of skulls can be earned extra by skull reward. That’s what I don’t consider a luck factor, it influences the outcome of close wars
  • A failure of one chest stands for approximately 2.3% under this circumstances
  • Do we exchange the 2% extra by 10%, then a failure has less impact, it’s close to 2% per failure that you miss.

Even with 10% skull bonus reward the skull rewards determine 20% of the total skulls that can be earned. That’s what I don’t call adding a luck factor to it, a luck factor has a minor impact of max 5% of the outcome of the result. And continueing to open chests with gems has nothing to do with luck and skills. If you truely wanted to introduce a luck factor, then we should have no option to continue opening chests.

Sometimes we are fortunate to open 80%+ of those chests correctly to get skull rewards, but there are days that we are that ‘fortunate’ that we even get only 0-3 chests correct. My lucky strike is 8 attempts in a row incorrect, talking about luck. As a leader I tell my team that it’s not required to continue opening chests for getting the skull reward. I don’t expect them to waste gems for getting that skull reward. My team plays for fun and I want to keep it that way. To be honest this skull reward is a psychological matter. After first failure, you just think, well… better luck next time, but when you are on a losing streak you feel worse after every next failure and there is more frustration and certainly no fun with this skull reward.

And that’s exactly what flare is counting on, that you feel the urge to continue opening the chests to get that skull reward. And when you do so, you will see that first time that you actually spend gems, you even get lucky and get gems as reward to encourage you to use gems more often. When you are used to use gems to go on and go for the skull rewards, you will find out that it’s not only the first attempt is failing, nope, more and more often second and even third attempt is incorrect to force players to spend 45 gems for just a lousy 100 skulls max. For 45 gems you can get a gold shield for a day instead!

I definitely have enough of this skull reward and want it to be removed. for that reason I started this poll. What do other players think?

Every players of rr2 100%agree to this,developers of rr2 100% disagree with ur opinion.this topic is discuss from the past till now

For the second question: the 2nd and 4th options are the same ^^

I know that this is discussed as long as the skull reward is in the game. I want this topic to be an eye opener for flare to show them players don’t like the feature, since it adds no fun at all to the game, the contrary in fact is the case, players hate this feature.

I hope that this skull reward is removed with next war season improvements. It will probably never happen I realise, but who doesn’t try won’t be rewarded.

You are correct, will change the choice

Top player will go histeria if the skull system is abolish.the important part is the skull would be infinite for flares to compensate those player mostly in the top alliance.

I didn’t mention skull perks, I on purpose started the discussion about skull rewards in chamber of fortune. Nothing more, nothing less.

The field involve is too large,no?more a bit is related,no?


I think this whole discussion is dumb. 

It’s a distraction from the real problem with the Alliance Wars system: It’s boring! 

It’s the same battles with the same outcomes for 5 days in a row!  Definition of boring!

The system needs to be changed so I am surprised and challenged each day!  No matter what level I am at!

Here is once again my solution:


Wars do get repetitive after a while, but this discussion is very important. Boringness is not the real problem, repetitive seasons and stupid skull rewards on CoF are both important matters.

My opinion is that Flare should get rid of those war skulls on CoF, a low amount of gold is even more useful than just some stuff I don’t want to get for war…

Then let Flare put the skull rewards to top few alliances (1-50-100). They require skulls the most, let them pay for it.

Let the alliance lower in the order (150 and above) get some legendary items in it. We want more of that than skulls.


The discussion is not at all dumb, but healthy. Flare will never do away with war. It is going to stay like this with some modification (period). 

To make the war interesting for at least non-paying members, having legendary items/gold is much more important than skulls.


Even if Flare implements the suggestion you have mentioned (with each hex having its own advantage and disadvantage), the end result of a war will lead you to the CoF. So we are talking about an universal problem and not just the war mechanism. Let’s see what the update brings to the war mechanism, but we want a change in the CoF.

For me skull reward its far to be a problem. Its ok like it is now. People have just to open the bottom left chest and you got 8 or 9 on 10 skulls bonus. I only miss 1 or 2 skulls reward each wave. That means I found on perharps 8 wave. between 64 times on 80 or 70 on 80. I am satisfy with that result. Maybe between 80 at 87.5% success

After all, skulls reward its a part of War Season. If you don’t like Skulls Reward then ask Flaregames to change War Season completely that’s all.

If you remove skulls reward then in this case remove War Season.

For me the winner in a War Season its the alliance who fight well and got the most skulls and got the most fiefdoms on the battlefield. You have unsuccess in COF or in battle too bad sorry for you maybe next time your alliance gonna win 

I don’t know why people cry about skull reward in COF

“bottom left chest”


Your choice decide nothing. System (server) decided your prize (or lose) before you even click on any chest :slight_smile:

Yes your choice decide everything. If you don’t know this chest have 60% success you have a lot to learn in this game.You can write on paper like I do with all patterns in this game. This chest have 90% success in COF in War.17 patterns in total some only have 1% and come rarely like 1 time on 50,some have perharps 5% and come like 3 time on 50,other like 20% and come like 10 times on 50 and other like bottom left chest,middle bottom and middle upper come like 15 time on 50.

You can test it if you want. If you chose other chest you gonna fail. If I check my paper

Left bottom : 59% (10 pattern on 17)

Left Upper :  47% (8 pattern on 17)

middle bottom : 53% (9 pattern on 17)

middle upper : 47% (8 pattern on 17)

right bottom : 47% (8 pattern on 17)

right upper : 47% (8 pattern on 17)



make 1000 attempts on each chest and you’ll get equal numbers. randomness and STATISTICS. Theory :slight_smile:

These look like good distributed numbers, something believable coming from a random generator. So each chest is still completely random, the game doesn’t determine which chest it wants to have higher posibilities to contain a prize, if a chest seems to have more prizes than others each time, then it’s just lucky.

As a programmer, I gotta say that making something that decides to give better odds to a specific chest, would be way more difficult than just making a random stuff maker :stuck_out_tongue:  (and we know that RR2 devs are lazy)

I understand off War its totally random and its impossible to choose a pattern and always win with the same pattern. I don’t think in COF in War its totally random because I don’t see why I can have 8 or 9 time on 10 with always the same chest and the others have difficult to have 3 time on 10 skulls reward. If someone have explication I am all open.

Answer is not “statistics” or “luck”.

the answer lies somewhere completely different plane - a decision algorithms on the server side, based on some data (winning percentage of 100% or not, perk luck, and who knows what else).
But when the server side made a decision, it does not depend on your choice!

feel free to choose any chest


P.S. I always choose upper left chest first, and also get 8 or 9 of 10 skulls

I even think pre-formed the whole chain of “luck” to all 6 attempts, for example:

failure - skull - failure - failure - Gold - boots

you may use gems, you may open any chests - your fate is doomed