Skull tower deal no Damage?

Hey. I just noticed that the animation of the skull tower bombs when attacking my own defense does not explode. And I don’t know if the damage is just so low it does not affect my health, but I tried literally standing still and eating volleys from my booster lvl 3 skull tower and I have 14k hp. It didn’t show any drop on my health and I did not use any heals.

is this a bug or do I just need to upgrade them all more? It’s hard to tell if they deal damage to my troops.

It’s just a bug. Flare said that with 5.0 there was a minor bug that did not display the bomb explosions. The damage still works, just not the animation. They are working on fixing this :slight_smile:  

Skull tower deals very little damage to king. It deals a lot of damage to units even if the units are blunt resistant.


Since you have 3 defense layout now, you can try on an empty layout. Try placing 2-3 skull towers on the opposite lane, then summon units and see how fast they die.


In other words, skull tower is a good counter to players who rely on units, but very bad against players who are focused on spells, since the latter don’t mind units dying. The latter is a very popular playing style these days, using Fritz as a pal (or Nemesis, if you can afford it), while the former are mostly Ceres/ Aska users. 



Thanks for the tips! I can now see that they deal damage to troops and not me ? I think it’s worth to keep them in combination with fire and snake towers