Skull Tower Glitched

Hey People… Since the last update, bombs from skull towers seem to be glitched… Flaregames did promise to fix the problem, but I still see the bombs disappearing when it hits the ground, doing no damage at all… 

Our alliance has skull tower boosted and everyone’s using it as the main defense, but it’s bugged. I request flaregames to look upto it and fix it as soon as possible… Thank You… :v::v::v:???


Hi GrimScythe2001,

As Madlen has already metioned in this thread below this issue is known to us for the current version 5.0 :

Only the bomb and skull explosion VFX is missing, therefore, it is a display bug only. Beside from the missing explosion VFX it is working fine though. However, with the next version the issue will be fixed.