Skull Tower update

I think it’d be great if we could have a choice between having our Skull Towers loaded with Skull Bombs (Blunt Damage) or the Poison Bombs (Poison Damage) like the ones from mortars and the Doom Gate

Would there be a functional difference besides blunt vs poison damage?

You can kick back the Skull bombs but not the poison, but poison deals less damage

I really like this idea. 

Many tower defense games, like Horde Defense, allowed you a branching upgrade path for high level towers. 

So in your later upgrades you’d choose between things like what @AwesomestKnightest just mentioned.

A fantastic idea. LOL no no I will not say it. Ok i will say it. A another fantastic and brillant idea who can make the game more fun and improve it a lot but lol this idea will be forgotten like all the others. So sad…with all the number of good idea. If Flare was not stubborn, RR2 would be in top 20 of the best game


I love the idea of a branching tower, though maybe not poison since that would remove the already little usefulness of the morter. Unless they buffed the morter, which they should. Plus snake tower has that covered already. How about ice damage? Without the slowdown effect so frosters don’t get obsoleted

Maybe just add a option to change when you want between : Normal Bomb, Poison Bomb, Fire Bomb, Ice Bomb, Lightning Bomb,etc… By example you put a Skull Tower at the beginning and choose Poison Bomb ammo after in middle you see a opportunity in your base to add a Skull Tower with Fire Bomb can help, you continue test your base and in 3/4 of your base you clearly see if you add a Skull Tower with Ice Bomb can slow them and make them lost precious time

I would like to have for each towers and units special ammo and you can change it everytime you want or choose different ammo for each section of your base by example Arblaster with Fire Arrow in the beginning and in the half you can choose to give for the Arblaster there Lightning Arrow

That will make the game awesome and will make this game more diversify and give more strategies

Why not new tower like skull tower but with poison bombs that is destroyed mostly by poison ( like the gate delivers )


A skull tower is called so since it shoots skull bombs.  :grinning:

Don’t go by the name, we already have mortars in game which do poison damage instead of blunt damage  :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the skull tower the way it is now, explosive bombs that can be send back to sender. When a couple of skulls are firing from out of spell range, it really needs a lot of speed plus skills to kick back the bombs, otherwise say goodbye to an army. 

yeah. See, you wouldn’t have to change it if you didn’t want to. But I would really like to see how it would spice up attacking

Maybe not with the Skull Tower but more with Bomb Tower. If you prefer the original bomb you don’t change anything. If some of us want to change the boring bomb in fire bomb,poison bomb or lightning bomb. I guess can be cool to see that in a raid.

Actually, if we were going to change the Skull Tower, I’d add the option to throw Firebombs cause the Skull Tower with it’s resistance to Blunt Damage was obviously intended to to be the answer to Cannons.  So FireBombs would take that to the next level.


With the new “Boots of Kicking”, as they were called in the suggestion, now implemented in the game, I think this option should definitely exist. This boots may be too powerful and this option would tone it down a bit

It’s funny how you don’t even realise that what you’re actually asking Flare is for them to introduce a new tower that shoots mortar bombs.

no. That’s not what I’m asking. I’m asking for an improvement on the Skull Towers. I simply am asking to give us two more options for bombs. The Mortar and Fire Bombs (which both cannot be kicked back). To make sure it doesn’t make the bomb kicking boots worthless, the bomb towers stay the same. And to make sure it’s also not an advantage to switch from Skulls, the Poison and Fire Bombs should deal a whole lot less damage than the skulls 

Here’s a crazy idea: have skull tower shoot random stuff - bombs, poison, firebombs, granny, you name it. To make it even weirder every bomb in a barrage could be a random type of bomb. No way you could be immune to that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a crazy idea: Make Bomb Towers and Skull Towers useless, cause that’s what the Arua does

This is Flothaboss’s video on the Bomb Kicking Arua. Now, this shows how it ruins the entire point of having bomb towers