Skull Towers don't fire anymore after being hit by stone dragons



I was testing my own base when I noticed that my skull towers no longer fire once they are being hit by stone dragons. No wonder some of my raids are super easy. I don’t know if this is a bug is it is intended. You can skip to 1.30 mark of the video to see my king standing there while my skull towers are doing literally nothing.


If this is intended, then well, stone dragons need to be nerfed then! What kind of super overpowered effect is this?

No wonder so many use paladins nowadays. Get one dragon and you easily win

It should stun them for a couple seconds, not forever. That makes skull towers even more useless. First kick aura, now the stone dragon. Did you test it on other towers too, or skulls only?

But the good thing is that fg knows about it now and they’ll fix it… Next year

Just look at the color of the dragons, they still haven’t fixed that. It’s not a big thing, but still

It’s normal because stone dragon has Stun Power effect which affects troops, towers and obstacles.


If this is intended then obviously it should be nerfed. One touch of the stone breath and the towers no longer fire forever doesn’t sound balanced at all.

What can i tell you… Consider that stun is stun. If you do some changes with the stun of the Stone Dragon then you have to apply the same changes to the Stun spell since they are the same.

I think you misunderstood me. I have no problem if the stone dragon has a stun effect for a fixed duration, but as you can see from the video, once the towers are hit, the towers no longer fire at all, forever. This is way different from being stunned by the Stun spell for a fixed duration.

In fact, the “stun effect” can be seen on the spikes too at 1.30 of the video, and it doesn’t go away. The stun is permanent.

It’s not about the stun. The stun is what makes the paladin usable, it’s about how long the stun effect lasts. Having a couple seconds stun is totally fine, but stun them forever is op and needs to be changed

Bump. I hope one of the developers see this.

I understand now why Maerique have said in the past just use Unholy Paladin and bingo you win at 100%. The Stun spell don’t have a permanent stun of course.So i don’t see why the stone dragon should stun permanently. Too much OP if you can summon 20 dragons. Just 2 make all the base useless.Change this like the Stun Spell for 3-5 seconds max. Not make Skull Tower useless. Already Kick bomb aura make them useless.

I really didn’t notice much wrong in the video other than that one trap, has it happened a ton with you, or just this once? Cause if it’s just once then it’s not that big of a deal until another case pops up

Something else was wrong in the video. Since when have the Dragons that come from the paladins been red? Weren’t they grey? And since when have the Pyromancer dragons been blue? They should be red! Must just be a one time glitch, but still weird

Unfortunately this isn’t a one time glitch.

It started happening a few weeks ago and many ppl already reported it, but I don’t think Flare has taken a look into it.

Probably has been listed a low priority defect, since it’s just visual.

This Thread should have been answered as this stunning forever is a serious issue.

Come on Flare!



After opening this thread, and bumping few times, I can now, with full conscience, use stone dragons to stun my opponents forever =p

Is this always the case or is it a bug that occurs occasionally. As far as I noticed it’s not a permanent stun. I could swear that I have seen them fire again after some time. But could be wrong, i don’t play Paladins that much.

its not about the trap lol you must listen the video again and look closely at the Skull Tower. you will see after the Stone Dragon  stun the Skull Tower. Lacuna have stay just in face of them and nothing. 0 Skull has been shooted. Watch carefully the video

Yeah, but there could be an explanation for that. I did see that the skull tower wasn’t firing, but perhaps the king was just outside the range circle

You obviously didn’t watch carefully after warriornator literally told you to watch carefully lol

Maybe he doesn’t know forged skull tower range.


Especially on a base as forged as Lacuna’s, the hero is standing well within the skull tower(s) range. @AwesomestKnightest