Skulls - Wars

Hey guys

I’m certain this topic isn’t new or anything but I can’t find anything similar on the first few pages so I try my luck with a new thread.

I’ve seen some postings about “rigged wars” etc. but nothing of real substance. If there is another active thread on this please point me in the right direction so I can leave a comment and a like there.

As you can see we have by far the most skulls, yet we are going to be eliminated today. We have had the most fights by far for no reward at all.

My problem is with the war system as we have it right now. I’m in a rather “small” alliance (compared to what we usually fight) and we are really working hard to win wars, we get everyone to fight and earn skulls, even if some members might not be so strong and can only get a few in, we do it. We get attacked from all sides, every day in war, because we have like 10 members less than the other alliances, but it seems we are the only ones on the field that have to put real effort in this to stay alive (the other two small alliances on the field certainly have it not better but they didn’t even earn any noteworthy amount of skulls, they didn’t even try). The big alliances just pick the easy targets and crush them with their unholy amount of members.

So I’d like to provide some really easy solutions for this:

Give smaller alliances in a fight against a bigger alliance a bigger skull bonus so they can win fiefdoms.

Match alliances with similar amounts of members for the war seasons.

Give out rewards at the end of the war for skullcount too, not only fiefdoms.

One of those would be enough to make wars fair.

Please consider some changes. Thanks.