Sleeping Lion - Recruiting Campaign

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Sleeping Lion now level 64 :wink: .

Come & Join us.

We have few vacant seats after war season end.

Apply in game or send me friend request, IGN : The kind king 3 or to Sleeping Lion leader IGN : Lord Barnot


SLEEPING LION  is now level 65?..anytime we can upgrade it to 66?..Our first target is to get 67☺ then 70? as fast as we can … and some changes in players requirement ??,i.e, player level 100 + minimum trophies 3500 + donation minimum 750k.??

Very friendly alli❤…more than like a familly?..we always stand together…??

We need very active members…and loyal members…?

For joining you can apply joining or send friend request to the _ L _eder : Lord Barnot , General : The kind King 3 , King Mainak.  anytime. What are you waiting for…Come and join us.?? Thank you. ?


@Lordbarnot, I should make over my king if i know you will make my king as a model :wink:

you scare me away Sleeping Lion

What is that, a picture of the only thing you get from Pro Chests?  

Congratz Sleeping Lion, we did it !

Recruiting-campaign  Fall 2018 

Min donation is 500k

troph more than 3K

player must be active in war ninja and conquest