Slight Bugs & Complain

This happens often now that I see two problems.

First is this colour Bug that changes respective colours of Chest and sometimes I get confused & clicked on Uber Chest instead of tappingvthe Legendary one. And my whole items & money got wasted.

Second is the Complaint… That if the player is inactive then why the hell you show that on my screen. You can’t get any information about that player even, so what’s the purpose and need is there to show on my screen.
I guess the Matchmaking system is still 5 years old and same and problematic.

Please Fix it.

Hi there,
Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues.
Could you give more details please?

  • system, IGN
  • Do those issues appear under special circumstances or does it seem random or always?

Thank you!

  1. IGN: ClashTitan

  2. No. They don’t appear on any special circumstances (Atleast it’s not in my knowledge).
    They appear Randomly (As far as I’ve experienced).

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Before start ninja event (usually 1 hour before), when I looked new opponent I saw very often message about a server maintenance

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