Slot 4 units - The insta troops

a question I’ve had a long time:

If I get a donated unit slot 4, are just level X? Or is it improved? … does that get the property from the donor or mine?

I think you are talking about insta troops. 

For an example

you have requested canons as insta troops. Your own Canon is of level 10 woth 50 forges. 

The player who donates you insta troop has canons of level 11 with 88 forges. 

The insta troops will be of level 11 with 50 forges. 

Hope it clarifies your doubt. 

Have a good day :slight_smile:

Moving to players helping players. 

yes i was taking about insta troops. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot … thats mixed ?

and when have 100 forges level 11 and the receive a unit lvl11 with forges at 50?

will it join a unit with 100 forges?


It should happen as per the theory. 

but I can not see the overview (dmg / HP) of the insta anywhere, right?

Yes, sadly there is no option to see stats of insta troops as of now. 

maybe that can be changed by the def … in the insta-troop screen an (i) for insta informations

You can make A new post on this idea in idea n feature section. 

ok i will do that later … now sports time ?‍♂️