Slot video advertisement freezes up my game!

When I try to free boost my farms, a new ad for a Slots game plays and once it’s over, it doesn’t let me X out of it so I can get the boost. I keep clicking on it but it doesn’t do anything, It just stays up there and I have to close out of the game completely, and when I sign back in I don’t have my boost. I tried doing it 3 times already and it’s always the same ad playing and I can never X out. Just letting you guys know about the faulty ad.

Please don’t do a doublon. Thank you.Already one open :

However your topic confirm this problem don’t come from me or my internet but from the game. Thank you.Something going wrong with Vungle ads

They’re not having the same problem.

its exactly the same problem. the bug is when you watch a ads there is no more any way to close it and the game freeze. So whatever you do boost a farm,taverns or watch a video for free chest the majority of ads are impossible to close and the game freeze so you are forced to close the game and when you reenter into the game you don’t have get the reward because its like if you didn’t watch any video. So you need to restart the video a 2nd time can work or can do the same. Very annoying