slow aura perk

I have seen a couple of vids and so far see nothing better from this perk.

Has anyone seen any conclusive tests?


That’s what the perk is, not OP not the weakest thing, it’s just a good “plus” thing that helps you a bit in your raids.

Yes I saw your vid and really theres no difference health is the same and cannon fire was the same…

Just trying to figure out my 2 items

It’s tiny the difference that’s why you probably can’t notice it so much.

So then is it really worth it?

It says 58% though of what I have no idea.


58% slowdown just like 80% of time warp, in reality it is lot less effective.

In your best estimate oPelle since you have first hand experience, is this an item worth having?

So then the benefits are marginal at best and overall another ring is more likely to value add

Than the festival ring…yowie


The slowdown is not as powerful but when you are facing wolves and skull towers, it can be a good alternative if you do not have an over-forged toxic cloud. Don’t really have great options on rings as uber items so I’d rate it high.

because they are 2 different type of slowdown, that’s why we can’t compare them.

easy way to understand it, is this: froster has 100% slowdown effect and slow aura has the same slowdown effect of froster only that currently we have just 1 perk with 59%. so slow aura gives only “almost half” of the slowness of a froster.