Slow down all enemy in battle

Recently from the uber chest,I have gotten a forged steel club(weapon).the perk shows slow down all enemy in battle.the perk stats is 4.3%,pls define the meaning of slow down all enemy in battle?does it works like hitting an enemy and all others enemy is slowdown including towers?what is the diff of it compare to the toxic cloud spell that I have forged the slowdown?

It’s like a constant slowdown of enemy troops. Clock ticks forward normal, but the reaction of defending base is slowed down that percentage. This can be handy, take blizzard as example.

Defending troops are slowed down somewhat. I use a blizzard to kill a wolf and damage other stuff with it, for the offender it feels like the environment is reacting a little bit slower, so it could make a huge difference. Without the slowdown perk, you just could face the situation that your spell is still in cooldown when the next wolf arrives and bring you in deep problems, but due to the slowdown perk, it could be that your blizzard is ready when the wolf arrives (he moves 4.3% slower).

The higher your perk, the better the results. There is a great video about this slowdown perk. slowdown perk video

This will explain it all

Tq for the info.start forging it.