Slow down Monks

Please FLARE let us have option to slow down monk speed. Thanks in advance and look forward to the immediate change in the game. 

use hero scream

Monks are already so slow…better to forge speed on ogres n knights…

I don’t understand why they are too fast? OP do you advance in a snail speed? because its obvious everyone know Monk are slow like hell. You cast one at the beginning. You reach 50% of the base you have cast 3 of them but only the first have follow.You reach the entrance of the gate and have cast 4 or 5 of them and still waiting the second one. They are so slow that I have no choice if I need healing I must turn back behind to reach a Monk. They are fun to play but a pain to use them at the same time

That does not work well in situation. Find hero scream used at wrong time causes more problems with attention span to troops and monsters.

For me they are not. They run out ahead and get whacked. I usually push them back when can. Have 93.9 speed so no snail here. Yes I use them like you say to run back to. I do not need them to stay up with me but to slow down for other troop. 

Don’t use them in raids.

Even if a player had the ability to adjust the speed of the units up and down to the max speed would add another level of game play. 

They’re not fast at all. At least for me. Haven’t seen anyone yet that complained about their speed. Only thing they have to change, is that the monks stop attacking the opposite side spikes

for me the problem is they don’t follow at all and always stop to cast their healing on themself or when a troop pass same if they are full healed. Probably stuck behind to cast heal between them.Majority of time I must play with 1 Monk and try to keep him alive. i have no clue what they doing back there. I play with just Monk and same on a straith path. on maybe 10. Only 2 join the gate after more than 1 minute. So what they do? take a cafe break each 20 seconds?

During the festival I have test it right now. On 10. No one follow me. I look the black bar on top and they are always stop.I have just 23.2% speed. How at 93% they can be more faster than you? OP can you explain in details how you achieve that?

Screenshot of me alone because all the 6-10 Monk are behind doing a party or whatever and don’t advance.Same if there no towers or units to slow them

the stats show a speed of 2.00 but they are more slower than Paladin at 1.73. Same forged at 2.00 Paladin are very faster. So probably a bug in the speed of the Monk.

Just do the test and you will see. Cast a Monk and cast a Paladin. Who will arrive at the gate first? Paladin same at 1.73 no forged

Monks are probably the slowest unit in the game, so I’m not sure what you’re problem is. Only the Mini Monk is fast and even then he’s not THAT fast at all

I try to use them with blasters and the monks will push through group and be out in open getting killed in process. 

Blasters are at 1.73 non forgeable. Is it different for you? What is their speed on yours?

No No not saying they are faster than me. They are pushing through my blasters and getting smoked. I usually run well ahead of the group to try and knock out as much crap as can. When run back for a healing most have been killed. And they are picky about healing from opposite path. Maybe they are picking flowers during your raids.

I have no clue what they do lol. Like i say in Balance Change. I think its on Windows the bug. on mobile they work great. Nobody confirm this so…

Ur problem is the unit u are using. use wolves. They are faster than monks. They provide sufficient distance b/w enemy and ur other troops

Thanks for suggestion, at this time working with the blasters trying to get timing down for the monk/blaster combo. Will do some raids with wolves on lower levels to see how they do.