Slowdown perk I dont understand

I got a 3.5% slowdown perk but what does it do?


I dont notice anything… Does it slow down nearby things by 3.5% if so I understand I dont notice anything

Or is there a 3.5% chance everytime I hit that maybe I slow things down?


Really not noticing anything at all here…



^^ hey, did you felt like you launched a mini time warp with your perk?

Its slows down everything by 3.5%, everything! But yeah I guess 3.5% is too small of a %

Or maybe 3.5% of your time warp spell

I heard, I think from Aether, it should work like a time warp scroll - so I assume everything should be slowned down a bit for the whole raid. I have 3.4% and also haven’t noticed even a tiny change, not sure if it’s working or not. Hmmm, if we need more % to see the difference, I’m curious how much it would have to be. Because you can have this perk only on a sword so you can’t combine it on multiple items, the only thing you can do is to upgrade the perk which for sure isn’t worth its price. Useless perk imo but keep it and wait if they make it useful one day.