Slowness and little creativity will kill the game.

No innovation just another mechanism to pay to win. Another stupid thing, Then will put the wave for 50 morale, fully pay to win. The bug is still there, and the way you treat your customers When correct this bug will send another soon after. You have to make updates to keep members and get new and not explore further Their older clients. wtf Flaregames is too weak to innovate in an industry where innovation is a must. Because not innovate end up doing with these silly Apanas updates ridiculous thinking of profit. The best way to make photographs here is to innovate and quickness making hotpot game with of course the game will be profitable. Flaregames like a kid with a jewel in the hands and not knowing what to do. There is no mystery is just innovate and quickly if your staff can not do hire new employees. His delay and lack of creativity is killing the game.

They are are adding yet another pay to win feature that they announced today!


We can now spend even more money to shield our players in Wars. Are you serious?

Now if we face an alliance with more money they can just shield there players why not just add an automatic win button?

20’000 gems and you win 1st place. That is basically Alliance Wars.

They could at least begin with fixing this damn bug with SR and Blizzard!

Yes, it is sad what they have done to this game. I don’t know, maybe for low, mid level kings this game is still fun but not at the high game play. It’s sad how many people either left the game or spend more time playing other games. But what can you expect if no one from Flare’s stuff cares to read  our feedback here on the forum or don’t even care to fix that freaking bug.

Shield definitely looks like another GREEDY attempt by FLARE GAMES to make lots of money. Hope flare really concentrate on game mechanics,fixing bugs and some new features in their upcoming versions. Too much greed makes you loose everything. Please stop attaching each and every feature you make with Real Money. Please also give us some FUN in the game. Please, it is a request to you guys at FLARE GAMES.

Did anyone ever ask for that shield functionality? I don’t think so and there is no need for another pay to win option.


We already have some kind of shield to protect members called elite boosts. Alliances already are forced to activate elite boosts during war season to protect their members bases. Those boosts are already draining most of the alliance gold, so it’s already very hard to upgrade and get more members.


I just read about the shield option and from the past we learn it definitely is going to be costly, either consuming a lot of alliance gold or even actual money.


If that means that shield is protecting some (hopefully not all) members and make them lose less skulls, those players are not attractive to attack at all. Can we expect that we need to spend alliance gold for protecting individual members? The game becomes less attractive with these kind of updates.


Better make an option available to let players decide whether or not they are participating in a war season. If you switch alliance, then make default not competing in that war season.


First fix swordrain and blizzard bug plus show some signal of life on the forums, before even brainstorming about new functionalities.

I’m a bit worried of the new Shield option will come in the next update for our alliance members: maybe i spend huge amount of gold to protect member for losing less skulls for them and maybe let’s suppose that they, after few hours, leave the alliance… this is not very beautiful especially for those alliances that are trying to build up a solid relationship with their members for more 75% alliances i would say. Some wasted gold =/ And if it a case like this happen and probably will happen all the others loyal member will say: “what i spend gold for help low players and then they left???” and something similar, and probably then also those loyal member don’t trust no more of their own alliance and could change it…so are all rather negative consequences that could happen.

Players actually asked for something similar. They asked for match making to have like only a certain amount of players and not included everyone since some players don’t attack in the wars and just put up zeros for your alliance.

As long as we don’t have to pay for it -.-

In reality, it should be all about what your average skull count is. Activity is part of the competition -_-

Sure, but “having a certain amount of players” and “fair matching in terms of member counts” are completely different from"matching without respect to member count" and “arbitrary number of players on defense, solely based on your pockets (“the rich get richer?”), and still full number in terms of attack/skull gains”. With this “pay to shield” feature they are actually creating more room for unequal conditions. 


And not even the situation of high-lvl “skull mines” players really improves - now it will become “loss of gold” vs “loss of skulls” vs “kick the player” instead of just the latter two, but this only (potentially) solves the problem of “is the high lvl player worth being in here, or is he rather a loss for us?” for those who can (and are willing to) just pay-donate enough for buying themselves immunity during wars… not really how I would imagine a fair competition. 

Low level alliances asked for it, and I don’t think they will have enough gold to use it unfortunately. Because everything is expensive in this game.

Shield is a weird new feature , it doesn’t really help tbh cuz alliances (at least top alliance) send their high skull player to other friendly alliance (UAE & MasterE in SK , wm2014 in VL for example) its free , no alliance gold or extra donation needed.


While on lower level war , I haven’t seen alliance sending out their skull mines while fighting in my 2nd account.


So yeah back to the point of discussion , theres really not much thinking on FG’s side (lack of creativity/innovation) while deciding to implement this new shield feature imo