Small alliances with multiple accounts destroying the gaming experience for others

There are a few alliances that purposely limit their numbers between 8-12 people because they are controlled by one or two people with 3 or more accounts. I have even heard of one person running 7 accounts. An alliance in Kings league called Crohn is one such example. They have applications turned off. So they have no desire and no intention of increasing their numbers unless the guy running it decides to take over another account and add to it that way. It’s pretty obvious by the names of the players that 1 or 2 people are controlling all of the accounts. Flaregames needs to do something. To be clear, I have no issue whatsoever with someone having 2 or 3 accounts. The problem is when they have 5 or 6 accounts in one alliance and then don’t let others join the alliance.


So many things in the game to worry about, and you’re crying because someone has more time than you. Play your game, there are countless alliances to connect.

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Really? That’s what you took away from my comment? You think I’m complaining because I want to join the alliance but can’t? Seriously? Go back and read it again and look at the title. The problem is that they are destroying the experience of the game for those alliances that they come up against in wars. When there are only 9 targets it makes it impossible to earn the points needed for the best chests. Is that so hard to figure out? I don’t care how much time they have on their hands or how many accounts they have time to spend with up keeping them. I’m pissed that one or two people are running an entire alliance and won’t let others join. Because having such few numbers in an alliance wrecks the experience for others. The wars are a major part of the gaming experience. And it’s not right that a few people can destroy the experience for the many.


Agreed it’s grouping game . and this kills the (alliance name)
Clan and alliance means gather and show the power together
Alliance means general officer captain soldier …etc
Those will affect on wars and Gaming experience yes
these 2 guys will log in and drop all furies … With all that I don’t think FG can help with this as It is out of control & as it is the alliance owner issue … The only solution for evey alliance is to create tough defences and block these 1-2 players attacks … As they will get bored facing tough defences and will close the game xD

Flareon games and @CaptainMorgan must take action. There should be no empty alliances with multiaccounts.
My suggestion is to increase the minimum requirement for war.
For the Titan League, at least 25 players with 10,000+ trophies
For the League of Gods 20 players with 5,000+ trophies
for the demigod league, 15 players with 2500+ trophies
This will lose the sense of creating multiaccounts to fill the number. And there will be no situations like this.