Small Crews - Join Us

Currently, only 8 spots left.

Our alliance consists of the active core members of several alliances.  We formed together like Voltron and have been climbing the ranks. 

We are looking to fill up the remaining spots with your small crew.  Our current members span the globe, so we have warriors watching over the battles of war regardless of the time.

Group chat on Line where we strategize and have fun;  we’ve all became a close group of friends from Olympus Rising.  Great culture.  Smack talking and ball busting for sure.

Alliance:   BensonHurts
Current Rank: ~ 134
Members: 24 of 32 - we try to upgrade quickly
Member Range: 70 - 122 (most are 90, 100+)
Age: Apparently old, but we love our video games
Language: English
Blessings: only during war times where we activate most
Requirements: Fight in wars and regular donations

Yeah ultimately we want all members that join to be in the high 100’s with 250,000 donations, but realistically around level 80 and up with decent donation amounts.  Let’s grow together.

We understand life gets in the way sometimes- family is always first.

Look us up and tap that apply button or hit me up on line.
line id:  jots247