Small new alliances unite!!!

i just started my own little alliance and have only 3 members. I don’t really want to ditch my people and join another alliance but it seems very hard to find new members.

So what I am proposing is that a bunch of us small new groups should join up together! If you join with me and bring your members along you can message me and I will make u the general for them giving you executive power like the leader!

What do you think??

A good idea, but not sure how many people you would get from smaller alliances checking these forums. Anyways, post your alliance name so they can look you up :slight_smile:


If you wanted, you could also brows the alliance board for a while too. Keep ‘refreshing’ the search list and find an alliance that is a little bigger. There are any number of alliances that have 10-15 member slots that are free join. Only thing about that is you wouldnt be a leader, which might take away some of the fun


Anyways, good luck! Also might be helpful to post your level/trophy range for members interested in joining

And requirements

if u only have 3 members consider merging into my alliance


I have more than enough slots right now


alliance name is: intense



Post more information… Your IGN your alliance name… Etc…