Small Suggestion on Sounds and Music

We should be given the option to turn down the in-game sounds and music in the middle of the battle (on the pause screen, of course). This would be very useful for someone like me, who will sometimes need the sound to be turned down if taking a video and I don’t want my voice to be drowned in the middle of the noise in battle. All the time I’ll forget to turn it down and have to do the whole thing over. This really is just a suggestion for Youtubers who don’t want the annoying sounds 

Usually you would start recording already before starting the battle, not during the battle, otherwise you already miss some parts of the battle itself. And so the options can be set just before starting the battle to fit which type of video you want to record :slight_smile:

So this is a suggestion from your side?

Yeah, I know. I always start my videos before the battle, but I will usually forget to turn down the volume and sound effects, cause I do my videos with talking in them. The sounds drown out my voice, you can hardly hear me at all. So I’ll have to do it all over. Like I said before, it’s not really that big of a deal, but I think it’d be kinda nice to be able to turn it down

I think you can editing it before post it on YouTube with audio and video editing apps out there. Record your talking voice separate and combine + edit with your RR2 playgame video on audio and video editing apps that familiar to you.

Playing with sound is just a distraction. Just go to options mute it all together in game play or turn sounds way down. 

Agreed with this, personally I played without sound much more often than I played with sound

never heard somewhere on internet sound can be a distraction. For what? weird I’m surprise to hear that. A game without sound is not a game

Try it for a while and you might see what I am talking about. When you take away a sense then others will compensate and enhance. 

No when we play FPS game because sound is very important. For the other games, sound is like a seasoning. There’s people who enjoy it better with sound and there’s people who prefer to play without sound. It’s a matter of preferences. For myself, I muted the sound for this game because sound make this game become lagging in my phone (cheap old gadget ?).

@Awesomestknightest using sound and think that’s important because he make a video for his RR2 playgame that he upload it on video streaming site.

Exactly right RoyaleDing!!

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Like @RoyaleDing2 said, the easiest way to do it is to first record your in-game footage, then record your voice separately. If you are using Premiere Pro it’s very easy to sync your voice over footage, you just need to use another sound track for your voice.

Or you could mute the music, only keeping the Sound Effects and add another music on top of it. Depends of what you want to archive :slight_smile:

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Actually, recording voice afterwards will make gameplay better because more of your brain resources can be assigned to playing and you’ll play better without distracting yourself with talking. :stuck_out_tongue: (you can record voice anyway for reference points like throwing a bunch of curses at a specific section)

As for turning sound off, I don’t know if it’s a windows phone thing but the game seizes the sound playback agent and kills all playlists I may have had running in the background so mute options are kinda useless if I want a bgm other than the game (or silence if I mute it). Since we’re talking about our personal annoyances…