Small war improvement - Uber chests

Once you get to Uber chest, the range is 5000 sculls to the next chest. This means two wars for (most) players.

If this range can be reduced to 3500-4000 range then it will be possible to get to the next chest with one war. Why fight a war if there is no reward?

It should have a big boost on war participation. It will make a difference for me.


The Uber chests has been already reduced in the past. Before you needed like 40k, 50k and 60k to obtain the Uber chest but not much was able to get them maybe the one with 30% skull perk or be a Alliance who was lucky to have 4 wave each round but that was when War Season having 10 and 12 fight. Around the version 3.0.0 with pal Uber chest they have reduce Uber chest skulls needed to 25k,30k and 40k because of the 4 and 6 fight and put uber pal chest at 50k and 60k. More sense like this. So someone with at least 15% skull perk and if they are lucky to have just 2 wave each round. They have 2 Uber Chest guaranteed

Someone who have 20%,25% and more skull perk have 3 Uber Chest guaranteed. So in total in each War you can have over 20 chest easy.

the problem is not Uber Chest but more the low quality of the first chests. the Black one and green are not necessary. Only Blue,Purple,Gold and Uber are valuable.

It should be start from yellow one and end up with uber pal chest

I can not complain about anything else in RR2. For me this small balancing will make the wars perfect (on the current system). This will make a very good game - perfect.

I see that one of the next war benefits is “many more chests”.

Thanks Flare for listening. 


Yeah ! but I think there should be something more to be improved in War…


Hello, Kindly do not repost your suggestion in other topics as it deviates from the original issue. For this topic, it is about the rewards (chests) and not the map! :slight_smile:

The current chest reward system is too dependant on unreliable factors like total number of wars an alliance has during a season. If it’s a dead season or you were just placed on the map badly you may struggle to even reach the ubers but if you have multiple wars every round then you’ll probably even collect pal chests. It would work much better if wars were round-robin style with a set number of wars, then what chests you end up with would be entirely on you, not related to what everyone else on the map does as it is now.