Smileys not available in game

Hello all,

I have changed my device Nokia Lumia by a One Plus 6T for more Royal Revolt Fun ! (and change with Android for better experience ?).

But, since I play with my new phone, I see that I can’t use smileys on the text part of the game (chat alliance and private message).

It is a bug or not ?

One Plus 6T / Android 9

It happended for others users or not ? The game support the smileys ? (because when I write in chat or PM (text part), i see that the text don’t start with a capital letter (no considering as a text part ?))

Thank you for your return !


Hi butti, 

Congratulations for the new device on new year :slight_smile:

Same happened to me when i switched to an android. I guess it’s related to google keyboard. Anyway I downloaded SwiftKey keyboard and my problems are solved. Now I can send any emoji on game. 


P. S. it is not at all a bug from RR2 side

Thank you. 

Hello @KamakshyaP

Thank you for your return :slight_smile:  

My Lumia supported the emoji, and i will think with a better device that it will be nice too lol…but no ^^’

I go to dowloand SwiftKey to have the emojis…but I tking that RR2 can be transformed the part in text for emojis available…like a sms.

For all other Andoid users => It’s the same thing ? No emojis available without keyboard original ?

The problem is bound to the (native) Google Keyboard only. But for Olympus Rising it works fine with Google Keyboard so something is wrong with RR2.

Thanks @orko for your return !!

With SwiftKeyboard, I now have the possibility to have the smileys … but I still have a disadvantage because I do not have the word prediction (while I have them with the Google Keyboard). LoL. And as Orko says, if it works with OR, why would not it work with RR2?

Is it possible for a developer to answer our question? I know @Madlen, I do not have the right to highlights on your username, but I would like to have the opinion of a developer on this question.

Thank you in advance


Little bump please, just for one answer about Dev Team :slight_smile:

Thanks !

@PaSte ?

Hello, when I switched from Windows Phone to Android, I got the same problem.

The Android Gboard keyboard brings no smileys into the game, many manufacturers such as Samsung bring a keyboard with support.

I have installed “go keyboard” because of its support and bring along some nice features.


@Madlen i’m sure buttinette played RR2 on Windows Phone like me before … the android gboard smilys are not working with RR2 -> disabled

Hi Madlen,

I’am so fine ^^ and you ? Sorry for the inconvenience on Dev’Team :slightly_frowning_face: . It was not my intention to harm…I wanted just an answer to know if it is possible or not…

Like @Jesper, before I played on RR2 in WPhone and the smileys working good with the native keyboard (“text part” was good because the capital letter is automatic when you wrote on chat).

Now, with Android, the smileys with Gboard Keyboard (Google) don’t work (see the picture of Jesper ; it is the same for me = disable) and the capital letter is unavailable…proof that the text part is not taken as a text part, like WPhone…

We are therefor obliged to download an other keyboard :unsure:

So, if Paste or a dev’team see this post…I just want an answer : YES or NO  : it is possible to take in account the chat (chat, MP, VIP, Notes) as a text, to use smileys ^^