"Smoking Aces" looking for active members

Hey friends,

we are the “Smoking Aces”.

Alliance level: 38

Chat language: english and german

24/7 Boosts: knight, cannon and barriers  At the war, we extend war boosts if it’s required.

We are looking for active member with min. 3.500 Trophies and min. 100k donation.

Our Rules: min. 3 fights / country at the war and daily donate.

If you would be like a member and are you ok with our rules, please wright me (der-sturmi2), or apply.



Alliance level 38? Lol

i think you have the wrong game

im not showing any results for smoking aces either

those are steep trophy requirements

also there is no such thing as “war” in this game

Haha, this guy is drunk…