Sn1kt's Video Thread


The first video I’ll share here was done earlier today, in a new series - “Alliance Raids” - I’ve started that will focus on (respectfully!) profiling and raiding anywhere from 2-4 players in each Alliance (including my own, if I get any takers).  Taking it from the top, we’ll start with:




Lots of visits from VL the past couple days: so why not do another video of them?


“Vanguard Legion II”


Base Review: Magnit 25


And yet another visit to a Vanguard Legion base.  Thanks, as always, for the gems (and please come back soon):


Nice vids.

Dropped a like.

I always learn something watching one of your vids, thanks

New video looking at stats on 5 Elite Boosts: Power Archer, Frost Trap, Stunning Ogre, Storm Cannon and Raging Wolf.

Thanks Wobbly: not as glossy or well produced as my friend Florian’s, but glad you find value in them!

Appreciate it, Shadow. :slight_smile:

great video on elite boosts would love to see them in action :slight_smile:

Sounds great! Can’t wait to watch those :slight_smile:

Elite Boost Series, Part 2: MAX ELITE BOOSTS IN ACTION!


In Part 1, we took a look at stats of the best Elite Boosts - now, it’s time to see the fully upgraded Power Archer, Stunning Ogre, Storm Cannon and Raging Wolf in action! 


Sn1kt’s best yet!


Very informitive and needed information.


The monster mash @5 mins was freakin awesome too!

flothaboss is good too  :grinning:

Thanks Huck: can step up the production when I get the time for it. :grinning:

Why did you stop your tactics series sn1kt ? Only 1 episode for that .