snake tower boost

I think the game should make a boost for snake towers just like gargoyles towers it would make the two towers balanced

idea for tower

increase health like gargoyles tower

and it fires mortar bombs at the same rate as gargoyles come out of there tower think it would be brilliant to see this in the game what does everybody else think

Hey buddy, Poison tower is itself a boost of arrow tower so I guess you meant arrow tower :slight_smile:

haha good point and i was on bout snake tower not arrow tower

From the title i thought you were refering to the special boost of snake tower (i’m still waiting for it! - it spawn mortars when destroyed)  :wink:

you edited the title now :slight_smile:

what bout gargoyles with toxic bombs ?

Toxic bombs sounds interesting, not a bad idea  :slight_smile:

Or for something different, adds poison damage to all other towers for a time.

Or a huge poisonous gas (when the tower is damaged) that does a slash damage around the area.


You mean like Doom gate - explodes into mortar shells!! Killing all knights/archers/frosters/Arblasters!!! 


Side note,

frost tower = stun +frosters

garg tower = gargolyes

snake tower should = mortar + mortar bombs!!


Snake Tower War Boost : When destroy a big snake appear for 10 seconds and eat all unit who pass on the road. If you see someone use 5 snake tower you can see 5 giant snake who eat each unit who passing next the big snake

ok maybe not…

The reason they added the Gargoyle Nest was the Gargoyle Tower and Frost Tower were absolutely useless towers.  And the Snake Tower was the only low range tower of any use.  I don’t know why they didn’t provide a decent fix for the Frost Tower. 

But adding a new Boost to the Snake Tower would just re-unbalance it.