snake tower level 17 and does noyhinh

what is wrong with snake towers  lvl 17 and does nothing

Good question

Can you post a video or image to show what’s happening?

Sorry, we’re not wizards to guess.

all your snake towers do damage.


@portius if you means 2 snake tower are in side by side. No they don’t stack. Just useful to make people lose time but for damage better to put snake alone

Like Shadow say we don’t have a cristal ball you know. If you can show us screenshot or video can help us to understand more.Thanks

will try that thanks

you have to fore poison dmg to feel it otherwise its not so strong. if you want to stack dmg put ice and poison together

Standing under both towers at the same time will just do damage to the king based on the highest damage value (in this case, the frost tower if both towers are top level).

So no, they don’t stack eiher.

but  they are different towers. It shouldnt be highest dmg value, no logic in it at all

The damage should stack, yes.

They’re different towers after all.

@bigfastfox & @ShadowsGuardian: You can test this yourself quite easily. Remove your first 2 waves and place the towers near the start to test 3 different scenario’s:

  1. Snake + Frost over each other
  2. Snake
  3. Frost

Test your own base with following scenario’s above and just run forward to stand under the tower(s) and time when the revive icon pops-up.
You’ll see you won’t die twice as fast when both towers are deployed.

If we’re going by logic, then the Frost Tower, which pours water, would actually negate damage from the Snake Tower, which pours Poison. It would dilute the poison and therefore it would be a very small amount of damage 

we dont need as much logic :wink: and somehow  frost towers are pouring “liquid ice”?? LOL :slight_smile:

Dmg should stack, otherwise i want to receive only dmg from only 1 strongest tower when im in range for firebolt/lightning/skull towers and spikes and jester boxes

I agree that damage should stack, but I think that if we have damage stack then towers would become OP. To change towers to be able to have damage stacked, flare would have to nerf the damage of every tower

Same towers should not stack damage. Too much OP. Just one snake can hurt a lot so i don’t imagine if 2 of them can hurt you its a instant dead or if you have 2 Frost Tower. I am sure if developer add tower stack the complain of the forum will be huge 

the problem is  that different towers dont stack. i agree that 2x poison or 2x frost shouldnt stack. but frost + poison should imo.

Towers would become too OP?

That’s why many people just go in front of those towers and kill them with a spell, because it’s easy (unless max level/forged  maybe?).

Perhaps if the damage stacked, many would stop SonicBlasting like butter those towers.

Just like I said before, totally agree  :slight_smile:

Could we have the opinion of an expert on this subject, namely a developer please? @FTB @Lisa @PaSte

I still continue to think its a bad idea. Just the poison himself is deadly so if the damage should stack with frost or something like Frost + Poison + Fire. I am sure everyone will stop playing this game because same 30k HP is not enough to make you survive all this damage or you have really strong HP regen combo like Tammy + Cloris Ring + Holy Paladin + Heal spell,etc.

The damage from two overlapping “damage over time” effects from two towers does not stack. Regardless if these towers are the same type or not. There is only one “channel” for incoming damage over time from towers.

Okay, thanks for the answer.

Stuff like this should be documented somewhere.

I bet some people put 2 damage over time towers next to each other, when they wouldn’t if they knew this.

For e.g: I myself, only thought that the damage wouldn’t stack if the 2 towers, were of the same type.