snake tower tactics (catapult idea)

Now the recent buff for snake towers has made them a real force, (still prefer skull firebolt) But for a king that doesn’t have that much hp for my ranking I really struggle. Just need a few tips:


Right now I just use cannons but they die easily to surrounding towers and units, stepping under them is a big NO NO for me.


I would like them to implement a unit like a cannon but can take down towers from massive distance, introducing the CATAPULT. ey what do you guys think of this?

Funny, at the workshop there’s a (Royal Revolt 1 alike?) catapult laying around already! :wink:


Though, to be advantageous, that catapult had to have an immense range (considerable bigger than firebolt towers), making them kind of overpowered very easily, as then you could just snipe out everything from a safe distance.

All you’d have to do is summon a few mummies in front of the catapult(s) as a meat shield and watch them destroy the complete base…


Instead, try taking out the other towers and sneak past (or run through with heal on) the snake tower poison to leave the snake towers for cannons when the rest is cleared so that the cannons actually stay alive.

Also, ogres or gargoyles can help getting snake towers down, depending on path layout and wave troop composition. And with heal + sonic blast both ready when you approach a snake tower, you can also take care of them on your own while getting few damage by approaching, spelling, retreating/running forward further.

best advice is run in with heal and tag it with sb if it doesnt die and has a bit of hp left arbs can take down the few remaining hp even

Use shield. Also you said massive range, in what lines are you thinking? 10 path lenghts? 12?

I will have to upgrade my shield it’s pretty low and see if that works and try the other tactics suggested. cheers guys.


I was thinking maybe X2 distance the cannon can get.   lobbing boulders over maybe 2 choke point levels seems moderate and not overpowered. I also think it should be the last unit to be unlocked. It seems I’ve been using the cannon forever and there needs to be another vehicle unit just for versatilty anyway.


Maybe you can choose your own weapon on it, either Ice blocks/rocks/fire boulders


Didn’t know they had a catapult in RR1. Is it worth playing even now or is it pretty redundant? Maybe there’s a few other things that can sneak over with a bit of tweaking.

The problem is that a catapult that could outrange all towers would completely change the game’s dynamic.  Currently (at my level at least) the game is really about:  Can you keep enough cannons alive to tear down the castle gate?  This only works because the cannons have to be in peril frequently (firebolt towers, ranged in the adjacent lane).  If a unit had two lane’s range it would have to be balanced by being so weak it would be fairly useless.

Of course it would need balancing out. And WOULD change the game dynamic, that’s the point. The game devs would take care of the numbers. Off the top I would make it vunarable to ice,  I’m pretty sure people want an ice bolt tower also.


I personally believe attack should be alot stronger than defence.


I think the game is only fair when you have all units/spells maxed out and high level king, you can beat any base without scrolls. (with a perfect raid of course)


I’m not sure where the limit is, probably the top few hundred. But this needs eradicating


I heard a catapult was in rr1, how did it play out then? was it overpowered?

In RR1 there were four unit classes:  basic melee (similar to knight), basic ranged (archer), basic caster (pyromancer) and basic siege (cannon).


As you upgraded the units they would get new graphics and names, but they functioned identically to their predecessor.  IIRC, for siege you started with ballistas, then catapults then cannons then mortars (it has been a long time, so I probably have that slightly wrong).  However a catapult was functionally ballista level 4 and a cannon was functionally ballista level 7.


But the entire gameplay was quite different.  You had no base yourself, you only raided.   Bases were not set up on a grid and so there wasn’t really an adjacent lane to worry about.   Your hero was too weak to run completely ahead of the pack.  IIRC, the siege unit could outrange all towers, but there were other reasons they weren’t overpowered (like you could really only afford to summon one or two or else the enemy waves would punch through your front line and kill them).  Also RR1 was more of a race against the clock than RR2.  For instance to get 3 crowns you might need to finish a base in 1 minute, where 1 crown might only require 3 minutes.

Downloading it now, I’ll see what they have been hiding, Hope there’s not a pay wall.

RR1 has a pretty hard wall about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way through where if you don’t pay you probably aren’t going to progress.  At least that is where I got to before I got interested in other games.

two max paladin kills lower level snake tower (1-4/5) before they die sometime they survive especially with heal spells on.


Look’s like you have a flaw in your idea.

I beat RR1 100% without any $ spent. It’s a grindfest past 1/2 mark but once you’re past that and upgraded Sonic Blast, Bladestorm, and Sword Rain, you’ll easily run over the stages. 

Were you ever able to unlock the 3rd spell without spending money?  I think that was my huge tactical error.  Were Sonic Blast, Blatestorm and Sword rain better than the Easter Egg spell and that other holiday one?  (Been a couple of years since I played)