Snake tower - too deadly

Flare please restore the range of snake towers to its normal old range in which it doesnt cover the whole tile. It gets really difficult to dodge snake towers and they are hard to destroy , you can get it cover the whole tile in the form of a snake tower war boost but please for now restore it s range to its normal position, all they rae weak to is nomal and blunt , rare attack elements , used in attack these days

They are not strong, its cuz your king is still weak or you dont have max shield yet

Yes, they are too strong for non-high-level players


a firebolt+snake tower in a corner of a low level player’s base and his defense will be unbeatable for other low level players. the new increased range of snake should work only on high level towers.

that was a really bad update for low level players

They not!!!

Stop cry, lvl your king, learn to play, one more nerf and i leave this game!

for goodness sakes you crybaby get a snake tower yourself…im a crappy raider if they took out or nerfed everything that got me there would be nothing to defend your castle with


“Stop cry” you say right before crying “one more nerf and i leave this game!”  <_<


I have snake towers too, so Im not saying this just because of me.

the same difficulties I have to raid bases with snakes, other players have to raid my base because I have some of them

Im leveling up defensive spells but that will take a while




do you have low level snakes in your defenses? no. 

do you fight against low level snakes in your raids? no.

are you low level kings? no.


so why are you complaining when I suggest a change that will affect only low level’s gameplay?? 

Hi all,

i’m reading through here and i would like to suggest some things that maybe could help for low-mid kings:

I want to clarify that i understand your issue with snake towers ( i was me too a low king but unfortunately long time ago snake towers weren’t so much harder than now so maybe i can fail on some steps on what i will write now) Most of all we have to realize that for a low-mid king level could hurt a lot, but if you follow this simple methods, you can save your king:


Use Shield or Heal (or also Stun in some cases and in the time everything is dazed speed up your work on destroying snake towers) and everything go back to normal and remember that you don’t need to do the kamikaze everytime in every single base you meet, you could wait some few seconds more to let your troops kill the snake tower, this shouldn’t require so much efforts for a lower-mid king  :grinning:


For a low king the best troops is knight (i currently still use me too knights because i find them very useful) if you are worried to die under snake call your knights and just set in your mind “who care of their weakness” leave them kill everything, they are fast on do their job.


Also upgrade your king as someone suggested (its leadership, health, etc) with also some shield bonuses can help you, do not expect so much different wear a poison resistence but the best way is use your troops and spells that protect your king more than other things.

For lower level snake towers, I’d like to see their range limited a little more. Snake towers at lower levels should be more about clever placement than brutal king-killing. But high level snake towers should have massive range, maybe even more massive than they are now. I also wouldn’t mind if they had some other power, like to half hp 50% with every touch, stop the king from being able to cast a spell once the king is underneath them, or cause melee troops to not be able to attack them (only spells/king/monsters/projectiles can attack). That would be wonder-marvelous-ful-tastic-awe-splenderrificarous-some.


I loved my snake towers a levels 65-80. SO VICIOUS! But haven’t used them in ages. I’d hate to go up against current snake towers, though. I feel your pain guys. Just don’t ask for a nerf at higher levels, only for snake towers up to level 7. Or ask for more levels that do cooltastic things like I described while reverting the towers to their old selves.

good on leveling up your defensive spells…i guess i had to do the same…funny thats probably why they have lvls …duh…sorry i took out my frustration with flare on you.i will try to be nicer in any future posts…plz forgive me

I try and use distance killing for Snake Towers and poison shield in my gear. What would be awesome is if Frost Tower would be made more effective

Thanks for the advice opelle , I already am using knight and shield but I still think snake towers are hard for mid level players , I am level 75 myself and it takes me a lot of time to allow my units destroy the snake towers .

Your suggestion is correct blookie , as flare has to realize that the game consists of only 10% high level players , other players have their own problems but they aren’t much active on forum as high level players are. Also a new map for enemy opponents base should be made , giving more details so as to allow us to strategize The attack.

There in those types of chokepoints sometime is better wait that 1-2 waves go ahead in a way to avoid that they hit you from the other side, use scream to retreat.

I understand this, when Flares made the Snake Tower deadlier I was a low-mid player (now I’m just a mid player), so those towers were extremely dangerous the first days (I died many times and it was frustrating), but then I started to use the Shield spell, I had to level up that spell like three times because I never used it until that moment, after getting a higher Shield, Snake Towes suddenly turned out to be just another tower to be used wisely on defense, you have to be careful, with my actual Shield I can go kamikaze through two Snake Towers to hit them with my SonicBlast and then run without dying. Remember I’m just a middle player, you only need to develop yourself and change your strategy a little bit  :slight_smile:

To actually make them useful in defense, you don’t know the story from the high players, they said that Snake Towers were not used in defense a lot because it wasn’t worth it, but you’re right when you say that maybe that range is too high for low and mid players, actually changing the range of the tower through levels was something I asked Flares to do, it would make the game fairer for all the players, but they never did it…

instant gargs will get them for you