Snake towers' zombies converting units across path -- bug or intended

I started noticing snake towers converting units from opposite lanes, not sure why they were even spawning units when I haven’t even reached near the tower, let alone having those zombies being able to attack and convert units across lanes when they are supposed to be melee units?


Is this a bug or intended?

I think the reason for this is ninjas. They trigger tower and units (Snake Tower, Howl, Skull Tower) while raiding. Even if you’re away from the Snake Tower, the ninjas trigger it. They sometimes don’t help. It would be great if we had an option to remove them in attack.

Well even if the ninjas triggered it, the zombies were attacking across the lane while my units can’t attack back.

Hey LacunaC, thanks for reporting this to us. Do you have by any chance a Screenshot or Video of this scenario?

Isn’t that the same behaviour as zombies during ninja events and zombies in offense ?