Snake Vs Blade

So this is something from very begining amd had been a problem for atleast me. I hope you’ll find it problematic too.

So If you see info about Snake Tower, it shows stats as  Weakness: Normal 100%Blunt 100%

But trying Bladestorm during raid barely even seems to give it a scratch. And ultimately Blunt  damage only gets it down.

_So Please do something about it._Snake Tower really gets big trouble beacause of this sometime.

prolly because blade strom were quite strong when forge first release with 2 type of dmg so they nerf it down , i wont use either of them to fight heavy forged snake tower anyway, barely enough dmg to take one down and dmg affect  got cancel as soon as a heal unit heal the tower ?

Well EITHER remove the Weakness stat from tower info OR make No__rmal as its weakness, maybe not 100% but 50-70% would do good (much better)

With pearls we can ad blunt damage to the spell but i’s useless too. Why?

@lego because the blunt damage is neither for that 5s long nor has same range as bladestorm.

It’s instant and short ranged.

Don’t forget that it isn’t only 1k damage from forging that will make a difference…

Btw, I believe it may be weaker vs Normal damage, but only from Knights and not from Bladestorm.

The tower does go down quickly with knights after all.

So I think the best solution is when Bladestorm is used then hundreads of Knights should be spawned…Right ?

That doesn’t make any sense cuz you are not gonna use knights everywhere just for the sake of a spell like it isn’t working on something.

And @Madlen should reply and discuss this topic insted of just liking the post of someone.

No, that’s not my point. What I mean is:

Bladestorm is already really good vs blockages…

SnakeTowers are already weak to blunt and also normal damage, which are both the damage types dealt by bladestorm.

So, if bladestorm dealt full normal damage vs Snake Towers (ST), then you’d be able to nuke ST defenses easily.

Heck, I bet you wouldn’t even need any other type of Blunt damage (Hammerstrike, Kaiser, Ogres, etc…)

Just imagine how OP this would be lol

ShadowsGuardian is right, while the damage of Bladestorm matches the weaknesses of the Snake Tower, the specialty of Bladestorm is blockades and barricades. Like SG said, if it could deal full damage to Snake Towers it would be way too OP!

Yes, that’s why it was nerfed in the first place.

Bladestorm hasn’t been nerfed. Only the barricades, or maybe the blockades, but it was one of the two, was given some resistance to Bladestorm. It wasn’t nerfed, and it certainly is still an effective spell

I agree with you @ShadowsGuardian and i know that then it could be OverPowered.

But what i want is that then its stat shouldn’t show that much % of weakness to it.

And Secondly, let me remind you that Blunt damage in bladestorm is instant and is in between the range of 3-4 I guess. It’s range is not like 6 or more like Bladestorm.

So the normal weakness to ST should be changed to lesser %.

That’s all I want.


The thing is @InfinitYash, if you reduce the % of Normal Weakness…

Then people would complain that it wouldn’t be right, since Knights still deal a lot of damage to it.

So you’re faced with a dilemma:

  • Reduce the % Normal weakness label and the value will be right for Bladestorm, but wrong for Knights
  • Let it be as it is and the value is still right for Knights, but wrong for Bladestorm.

My suggestion is:

Let it stay as it is, but put an info icon “i” or “!” near the resistance value and have the following label:

Normal resistance value is not appliable vs Bladestorm. Bladestorm only deals 10% of damage instead. (Example value)

This  way it would still make sense, while being understandable how these values worked.

PS: This idea should be aplicable to other buildings/units too :grinning:

@ShadowsGuardian I think that is a considerably better idea.

And I would like this to happen, if @Madlen is seeing it 

Yeah, let’s hope they consider it. It would help clear some confusions like this.

I’m all fine about copying the suggestion into a new thread if really needed.

You’re probably right, but that’s needlessly confusing.

1000 damage from Normal damage on a specific target should be consistent across the board, regardless of the origin of the damage (Knights, Skeletons, Bladestorm, Black Magic, etc).