Snakes and Swords Event

I have been playing in the RR2 Snakes and Swords event,

I have included a screen shot of what I am going to describe, and ask.

I have reached 22/22 in the event (the 22/22 is in red) red usually = bad

My ship will no longer go forward. There is a ship which I only got Raid (2 crowns on)

I tried a few times to make the full Victory (3 crowns)

but the game says "no more attempts are left"

the event still has time to go,

is this stop just for today? can I go on tomorrow,

or is that it for me for the event?

I did manage to get a few new items in gear,

so it was not all for nothing.

LOL, speaking of nothing, 

I am in a very small Alliance and I am the only active member,

from what I gather; in an event the success of any Alliance member

gives rewards to the entire Alliance.

:wink: any high lvl players out there who could maybe join this Alliance for the event

in case I have reached the ‘thanks for coming out sport’ portion of the event.

you do not have to stay with the Alliance.

anyhow here is my screen shots.


Couple tips for you here. NEVER go back to an island or ship that you got two crowns on, until you have finished the whole event. This way you don’t run the risk of running out of battles before you have finished, which is what happened here. There are 30 rounds in the ninja event and you have 32 tries overall, so you have 2, and only 2. It is better to go ahead and do the rest of the rounds and then come back when you have finished all 30 and attempt 2 other rounds to up your score some more. Unfortunately, you are done for the entirety of the event because you used all of your attacks before you could get some extra battles. Next time, try using the tactic that I showed you above and hopefully everything will be better for you

Also, you should consider joining a different alliance if you are really the only active player

Even if you make an attack without completing all fights, you will have complete fights left. There is no need to worry about. It is a problem that you should inform to the Developers.

What do you want to say  :lol:

Awesomest said that if you attack again on the same island, you will lose fights. It never happened with me. I usually do it. 

What he said is actually what we should do if we miss something in any island. First we should finish others then come back to the island if any fights left. 


For you it might work…but it’s actually dumb way …so don’t give ■■■■■■ ideas to newcomers it will ruin their progress.