Sniper Tower (The Monster Killer)

First off let’s get some facts out of the way. 

Arrow Tower is usually after something level level 30? 

Without the Arrow Tower Royal Revolt only has one non-bomb (non-kickable) projectile tower, and that’s the Firebolt Tower which high level kings rarely ever use, so for all practical purposes: Royal Revolt has None.  (Great balancing Flare!)

If you want to here more complaints about this towers in general check out the link below:

Now, don’t tell me it’s the first Tower so it can’t be useful at high levels.  I’m level 101, and I’m most commonly raided by Knights, and most commonly raid with either Knights or Archers. 

So that’s wrong Flare’s just been too lazy to provide adequate upgrades.

So I’m proposing adding a series of upgrades to the Arrow Tower that allow it to Max out with a damage of 5,000!  But a significantly decreased rate of fire. 

The interesting thing about this tower is it would be very weak against Knights (even though it can 1 shot kill a Knight or even a Blazing Knight), it’s rate of fire would be so low that it could never shoot down a horde.  (Further most of the for those wanting to to the math the damage would be wasted on killing units half the value of it’s possible damage.)  The beauty of this tower is you would need to have a meat shield of a bunch of Knights to for distraction or Paladins for their heavy armor.  Both the King and Any large units trying to rush ahead of the group would be murdered by the high damage from the tower. 



Yeah!! Up the range! Make the king die without knowing how! The damage itself would not be enough to compensate for the rate, I suggest making the range much larger, like about 2 blocks (maybe 10-12?) so it is a real sniper. Would be fun to have the sniper cannon and this sniper tower as the elite boost, oh well. :slight_smile:  

I actually think this is a good idea thanks to the decreased fire rate. With some balancing Arrow Towers can be used again. 

It’s sad that probably 50% of the game’s content is unused!