Snow Angles - Level 20 Alliance - English - Level 65 Req'd - $75K Donations Req'd

Are you tired of being in an alliance that has members that do not participate? Come join Snow Angles for a refreshing change. ALL members donate daily and ALL members participate in ALL WARS. Boosts are kept active on a regular basis. Apply to join or send Master Annihilator a friend request. Applicants must be level 65 or higher and have an alliance donation limit of $75K or higher. Come have some fun with Snow Angles.

It’s great to see someone so active, but please try not to spam the forums with these. You have already made 3 of the same topics

nice.keep it up

I wasn’t trying to spam the forums Awesomest Knightest - I was just unfamiliar with using the forums as I am a ROOKIE!

yeah I know, I did the same when I was first here :grinning: . It’s encouraging to see someone with their own alliance, as not many have that as of now :slight_smile: