So am I playing wrong?

Hey all I’ve been playing for a while now (Lv.72) ~2600Ts

Mostly just been making my own way without really reading wiki or forums and it seems like so many of you are doing different things from me.

I am usually using Paladin, Arb, Cannon - Blizzard, Firestorm, SonicBlast for offense

My defence consist of mostly Snakes, Fire tower, gargoyle and skull cannon with all barricade in a L shape pattern.

Using this setup I rarely run into trouble raiding and get attacked seldom

Now I see a lot of you suggesting to do Knights , Archers and frosters ?? Why these smaller troops are better ? Is there a guide for low - mid range I can follow to be better ?

Thanks for any help

hi, here’s a link to a thread my friend created, it’s quite detailed, and there’s a post from opelle(a moderator here and a big youtuber :grinning:

Hi DH4L,


About the troops you have heard talked about, with my long experience i can say that:

Knight yes but only if boosted =) Because if they are boosted they can be used to kill many troops as well as many towers in few seconds. It’s always highly appreciated spawn many knights at start to not avoid to be closed immediately at the tent for example by other strong troops (monsters or other boosted troops). Moreover having knight boosted can help you to destroy faster than ever those Barricades (nowadays are used everywhere in every base because they have more life than blockades when boosted).

Knights are also used at high level with the Raging Wolf and in this way they can release all their strength;


Archer also here only if boosted can be considered to use, but the main problem around archers is that they remain slow and hard to push ahead everytime. Archer without its boost are hard to use also shielding them because they die fast but they have also a short range;


Froster has been always a good troop (fortunately) because the slowdown effect is very good against everything from the troop that shoots faster to the tower that shoots faster. All the other troops under froster power can be slowned down easily and lose their usefulness and you can take revenge in the meanwhile they are under the slow down effect ^^


Also another good point is that they cost few morale points, so you can spawn many of them easily without have too much leadership.

Said this i mainly suggest you to try them out and see if they are good for you.

So the Knights are mainly for offense only then? Since it would be hard to fill defense slots with such a low morale cost.

Also seems like you are not much a fan of archer, better to use Arb, neither? Too many options haha

I will have to keep reading up and trying different things I guess. Just don’t want to waste time upgrading the wrong stuff !

Edit: Atlas I don’t see any link ?

Yes mainly for offence but not in defence since they do low damage to the king but if you have the Surprise Mummy everything change…You see tons and tons of little Blazing Knight trying to kick you ^^

Don’t worry for the time to upgrade troops, you’ll have all maxed one to one. However i suggest you to upgrade them with the same order you see them from left to right with maybe some changes for example do in this order the upgrades: knight, froster, arblaster, archer, and others (mortar as last thing).

About dungeon mosters unlock and upgrade them as soon as possible ^^

I upgraded arbs first because their combo with cannons is deadly esp if the war boost is active! They r pretty effective even now, nd will make things easier for u!

During ur trophy range mummy is more useful than wolf nd ogre! But by the time u unlock wolf lvl 3 nd join a alliance which boosts ogre/wolf, u ll be using the wolf or the ogre/wolf combo a lot! Boosted mummy will still be effective!

About the basic units, what oPelle said! (Archers do give me a headache at times because they r harder to manage nd highly vulnerable from side lane, but the tribal Archers r really strong)!

Knights: this is a crux unit! Soon u should join an alliance that has blazing Knights nd max them as soon as u can! Wolves+knights work like bulldozer, razing everything to ground in their path, esp if u hv good scream gear!

Frosters: They may seem weak! Nd they may disappear if a single volley from a skull tower hits them! But they r indispensable! Even without the boost they can be quite effective. Can be used with knight/wolf combo or even with boosted arbs/cannons!

But when boosted, they r a thing of their own! Whole raid is centered on them! One ice dragon at the right time nd even the most difficult situation may turn in ur favor! u can raid any base scroll free(obviously u will hv to hv good leadership/scream as well)!

And they r also indispensable in defense, so its always good to upgrade them at regular intervals! Though u can wait to max them after u hv maxed Knights/cannons/arbs or even Archers as a lot of mid lvl alliances will run the Archer boost but the froster boost will not be effective unless the alliance has at least 43 fiefdoms (I m not sure, oPelle’s wiki pages r pretty helpful with this)!

Don’t worry i’m not sure neither me, superior people don’t like share their things…

sorry I forgot to post it, here you go:

Not sure about lvl 4 but at 46 fiefs lvl 3 is there. Nd its pretty effective but hv to take care to protect the frosters. Today I called the ice nd fire dragon together! Very cool.

But there is a downside as well. At times I end up losing a raid when I invest too much time in protecting ‘the froster’ nd it dies before turning! Boosted arbs r slower but consistently effective.

I just wish I can go back to the days when we didn’t have boosts and the game will be based on actual skill and strategy, that would make things more exciting and more fun in the league I’m ironically in with equynox…