So long, and thanks for all the fish !

Hello fellow members

Time has come for me to retire from this game. Before any of you say that it’s because of the nerfs or the new update, it’s not. In fact, I stayed a bit longer out of curiosity, but my decision was made way before 4.0.

In the past weeks, this game has become tiresome and felt more like a chore than an actual game. I wasn’t raiding anymore. I was doing ninja and war out of an obligation instead of enjoyment. The only part I liked, and still do, is the pro league. I’ve come to realize that time-based gaming isn’t my cup of tea anymore. Too much real life  stuff to do. Comming this fall I will have some big project coming my way and my free time will be rare and sporadic. That’s why I going to be switching to a more time-affordable gaming rather than a login-everyday type of gaming.

Thanks to all of you guys for those past year, it’s been fun to discuss, complain , debate and joke around! 

Thumbs up to the devs. It’s been pleasant to play your creation for three year (or more, I really dunno). 

Lord Poutine - Balkan Alliance

P.S. I hope the new conquest mode will be revamped a bit according to the players’ feedback. It could be a really good feature on the long term if you can fix those little iritants.

 Me and Croatia alliance salut you!

Sad to see you go Mr Schmouck, hope all goes well for you with your upcoming big project :grinning:

 Always remember that you’re always welcome to rejoin the game and start complaining with us again :wink:

There will come a time for all of us to reassess the important things in life and when playing the game is hindering our real lives.  Mr Schmouck, I salute you for recognize that time.  Good luck to you sir in whatever you do!


Very sad to see u go.   Been following u on forums for a while now.   Wish u all the very best

And I agree.  I love the pro league concept.   One of the best things done except for hacking.   

Take care.  We will miss u


We want to thank you that you enjoyed our game and played it for over 3 years. Maybe we will see you back in game one day, for now I wish you all the best. :slight_smile:

Who will raid my base now? Wish you the best MrSchmouck

Only way to have fun now it’s being a jumper and don’t spend money anymore. My tip to everyone is: take your best friends in game and enjoy in everywhere. Not General, not Leader. Only jumpers :slight_smile: Time to change our game mode :slight_smile: See you around



:slight_smile: i am joiking, do what you want. It’s a game, we need to remember this (me too) and so try to have fun as you/we can. But this Conquest Mode really will kill this game. 

Farewell and don’t forget to always have a towel with you in your endeavours. :slight_smile:

Bye Poutine! it was good to read you all of this time, good luck. You can always come back to the forum to complain with everybody else as usual :grinning:  


Agree about being jumper

very fun

Okay this is totally random but having you say it, it reminded me of how in the Itadaki Street games (Monopoly-esque games on Nintendo systems) every now and then a Maharaja appears on the board and goes around, throwing money at everybody and complaining how everyone’s maxed out establishments are so cheap. And we know you like to throw money… :stuck_out_tongue: (no hate, just random thought from Jiggle’s Obscure Gaming References™ )

My english not so good to understand your post

Wouldn’t want you to miss out on such a good post, so here it is in Russian :slight_smile: :

Ладно, это абсолютно случайно, но, сказав это, это напомнило мне, как в играх на Итадаки-стрит (играх с монопольными играми в системах Nintendo) время от времени появляется Махараджа на доске и идет, бросая деньги всем и жалуясь как все вышестоящие заведения настолько дешевы. И мы знаем, что вам нравится бросать деньги …: P (нет ненависти, просто случайная мысль от Obscure Gaming References ™ от Jiggle: lol :slight_smile: