So Many New Units, Towers, Spells ... No New Quests?

Why are there no new quests for all the new stuff in the game?  I just won a quest for Bladestorm and can’t remember the last.

Let’s get some quests!

I’ve been thinking of the same since I came back, there are new units but no new quests for playing with them

Yes! Spawn Necromancers, Vikings, etc. The Quests makes people want to use troops that they don’t normally use!

I wrote my list list of ideas (there are a lot of quests, which can be individual or alliance) during Christmas holidays.


I agree. Quests got totally forgotten.

For all I care, they should remove every single quest for troops and spell instead

It’s better to increase the amount of gems and vouchers when we complete quests, especially those related to units and spells.

For those of us who have played a long time, sure. But for newbies those quests really come in handy.

Or make T-Shirts: „I used 50.000 stun spells in battle and all I got was 5 vouchers.“

After casting 50.000 times stun they should award you with a prostheses for your hand.

Best thing to do is get rid of all quest and introduce daily quest instead with rewards like 500 pearls for casting 500 paladin in a day or 10 gems for beating a base using stun as one of your spell

yeah, the rewards are preposterous when it comes to using spells a ton. I got 2 gems or vouchers (or was it 5) for casting 1000 stuns. 1000! That’s a lot. You can’t do ANYTHING with 2 to 5 vouchers

Love this idea!!

Never happen for many reason :

1.RR2 team are cheap and build by people attracted by money only. Already Olympus Rising team offer in OR over 20k gems or more with new quest in 3.5.0 who give 100,200,500 gems for each quests. OR is 100% free and Flare cannot risk to make RR2 like OR. Sad :slightly_frowning_face:

its crazy the number of gems you receive for each quests. Not cheap like RR2

2.Like a said in 1 OR is already 100% free and with the possibility to gain over 50k gems easily in OR in 6 month and unlock all. RR2 must be 60%+ Pay to win to allow Flare to gain money.So they cannot add new quest who give more gems to the players

3.We all know since 1 year Flare add the majority of time only update who bring money : Pro league,Pro boost,etc…the only chance Flare add new quest with more gems its if Flare create a huge amazing game who have a success over 10 millions download in 1 month who bring huge money. Without that this idea is already died


Give me more quests.

Oh it you again

i thought youbwith your brother left this game;(



oh my god. I don’t remember the quest was so cheap. I have lost the chance yesterday to have the Starter Pack at 500. I have 460. Quest give only 2,4 or 5 really cheap c’mon what you can do with this low rewards? I try not be over 500 but with league and chest rewards not easy. Flare should stop to be cheap and up a little the quest rewards. The same thing for vouchers in quest I have 360 and take the 50 gems but not enough to have the 100 gems who have allow me to take the Starter Pack.

If some quest can pass to 2 at 5, 5 at 10 and 10 at 20 will help a new player a lot