So much less golds on raid!!

Searching players on matchmaker I giving me only 10-30k gold. Even searching players manually hardly give me about 70-100k gold. What the hell is this? :slightly_frowning_face:

This means, your pool of game generated loot (not taken from the chambers) is almost empty.

Depending on how many raids you did and what level the opponents had, this may be after

very few attacks: e.g. 6 high level opponents.

Then you have to wait 5-8+ hours to let your pool regenerate (depending on the number of attacks).

^^hey, its not just me. Most of my teammates aren’t getting there average loot as well.

I have had plenty of good gold targets even since last war ended.


I have 9 busy workers  and bought items from granny for 8 mill because my shield expired and next finishing upgrade in 2 days

so I just melted it.


But I agree it can be horrible at times


That’s how they programmed it. Your teammates have their personal gold pool, too.

Which is empty pretty fast, as everyone elses … and it will regenerate only after a few

hours of not raiding.

I cant confirm!

The amount of gold depends on a few things:

  • how many raids you have already done

  • Your Lvl compared to the victims lvl (the higher the opponents lvl, the higher the amount of gold)

  • of course, how much is in the treasure chamber of the base, you are attacking

Regarding matchmaker, there comes one more factor in.

It gives you opponents in a certain range (plus/minus 400?) of your trophies, level or strenght doesnt count at all.

But if you do not have trophies proper to your real strength (e.g. lowered your trophies with open base), matchmaker will propose opponents, which are in fact weaker than you.

That results in lower gold-amounts, as that is calculated with the factors I mentioned above!

With lowered trophies, you cant use matchmaker, you have to search opponents with your lvl or higher ones manually to get proper loots.

I get it thnx :slight_smile:

Hey ^^ I am usually between 2900-3000 trophies bt I get only 29 medals from most of the matchmaker opponents. Does that also mean I am below the average trophies of my level? (i have to manually search player to get above 200 medals which are also rare coz I can’t raid there bases with 3 stars. I can’t win league this way :slightly_frowning_face:

I do admit I dropped my trophies by opening my base and now I get about 20-30k bases bt I posted this thread when I had about 2.8k trophies.

29 medals means you arw way too low, go for 3500 trophies,maybe 3200 would be enough too.Players around you apparently have small treasure chest.

I will keep that in mind :slight_smile:

There is another topic that discusses this “no gold in game”, there is some kind of algorithm that breaks around 3000 trophies… After you reach that number, even if you never dropped TS your loot goes bonkers. You have to reach for 3600 - 3800K players manually, needless to say they are crazy hard to beat… You are banging your head on a concrete wall!  

If Flare doesn’t fix the only solution I’ve found is to just buy food in the war season  using vouchers/gems :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m now a 3.5k Player and it’s not getting better… still fighting for mostly 29 - 40 medals. Why this happens I don’t know…


I’ve posted a screenshot there with a 20k Gold 250 medals opponent… it’s broken alright!


Competing even in the silver league is out of the question, deal with it!

500 medals? :open_mouth:

And even player which are 2-5 levels higher than me gives me 29 medals but they should have given me decent amount of medals coz I am the one with low level -_-