So, no dragons.

Hi, just won first place in the war, go us :slight_smile:


Anyway, first thing we did was test for dragons. I put two pyros in every wave, and also equipped pyro for offense. I went through the entire raid without seeing a single dragon, on offense or defense. The only troop I spawned was pyro after 30 seconds into the raid. Nothing. Blizzard destroys them on defense, skulls and frosters destroy them on offense.


I dare say dragon was a bust, but more testing to be done. Share your experience with it if your alliance took first.

I have a feeling that, when combined with Froster, they’ll be able to become dragons… And also, Froster may have a chance to help, too ^_^

I test one base, the pyromancer dont even gain 10% dragon power and I already win his base.He is top 10 name Anh Max lol maybe because I kill pyromancer very quick.I think ice dragon can summon easier because harder to die so can make more dragon power also.

Here, several players commented on their experience with the dragons… disappointing to say the least