So sick of the top alliances swapping players

Have we had enough of the underhanded means that are going on in the game? Top alliances coming together to swap members among them? Multiple accounts to swap members? Whats the point for them in winning and whats the point for us in continuing the game?

Jus dun allow any swaps during war season! Enough monopolisation!

Dude let them do what ever politics they are playing to win their wars.

Just enjoy raiding bases and company of your alliance.this is the real fun of this game.

Otherwise there are lot of crap in this game,which will confuse you as well as frustrate you.

So just relax and enjoy,do not give shit about anything.

Have fun:)

Its not like the top alliances could be beaten by lower alliances if they didn’t swap players.

Look through them and there is a big disconnect even in the top ten alliances.