So this is the best....

So I was just playing Royal Revolt 2, happy about getting tons of pearls from blacksmith (already spent 600 gems)

I beat a ninja island, got the chamber of fortune, and went back

Thats when I got what I have been looking for, the worker package

I didnt think much of it, because normally it was shortly after I put all my workers to work, making it super expensive

But thanks to community week, not only were worker prices lowered, the price of skipping all the current jobs was lowered. It all come down to about 2500 gems. Funny because I had more than enough (including quest and dungeon) which, because of flares special mechanics, NEVER happens?! So apparently, flare games likes me now. Dont forget the 2500 pearls I just got. I am now more than halfway to pearl diver. 

Just goes to show that despite the fact that FlareGames can be extremely greedy sometimes, occasionally something nice happens without you having to spend a dime.

if i’m not mistaken the package will not surface when u have more gems than the package’s price, it will only offer you when you’re below that price and then it depends whether you have enough in quest rewards to claim the package