So this is what Flaregames is up to =/

I created this thread to question the future of RR2 because I recently discovered this!!!


Not sure why is Flaregames trying to make another ‘similar’ game… :huh:


I mean they certainly have the resources and ability to make games of amazing graphics  :sunglasses:

(Dawn of Steel, Agents of Storm etc)


ATM, Flaregames is treating Royal Revolt 2 like a cash cow and somehow they’ve secretly created another ‘RR’ style game? :angry:


_ Olympus Rising _

Apparently they just finished beta testing… :ph34r:__ 


I discovered this game around 10 days ago through the first week on the forum event where was asked which game were published by Flaregames: Olympus Rising and HardHat Heroes are two of of them. If you see a gameplay on youtube i suggest this to make an idea:

you can see that the mechanism is identical,

  • instead of the girl there is Zeus and another god that talk to you;
  • everything is converted in “gods aesthetic” as well as troops and towers;
  • i’d say that talking technically is identical, what change is the aesthetic aspect in fact.

What this game has more than RR2:

  • Decorations
  • More characters
  • More tower and troops?
  • Probably different buildings?

I personally always said that i don’t like the copy and paste ^^ this is an example, however i personally don’t like medieval games, olympus games, i mean old ages things just to be clear XD

But then why would Flaregames want to build ‘another’ similar game when this one is still far from being completed? I mean they have all the power to ‘improve’ RR2 greatly, but instead they’d rather create another lookalike game and ‘milk’ from RR2 -_-"

“Arrow Tower” looks cool, didn’t like the rest of the visual

Just watched Opelle’s link, my god, the similarities are unbelivable… The decorations part seemed to be copied from CoC, rest are mostly revamped RR2 Stuff (Revive, spell+scroll, Chamber of Fortune, Barricades, Castle gate and Raiding mechanics etc). The free to build anywhere addition seems to be a great idea! I’d love to ‘customise’ my kingdom so badly… Also decorations! Housing system maybe :slight_smile:

Still… Y U NO put more emphasis on ‘improving’ RR2 flaregames… :slightly_frowning_face:

Any release dates for this app?

New players may take an interest. But the graphics look horrible in the video nd the storyline utterly bogus!

I don’t think it will get even in the vicinity of rr2 player base. On top of it they may just lose that too.

Instead of trying to make the game truly a phenomena, why do they seem hell bent on destroying it.

I was thinking they will make a continuation of rr2, where the player nd alliance stats r taken taken from it nd duly updated, but placed in an entirely different universe. With alliance bases, the area corresponding to the no of fiefdoms, nd the surrounding map will hv monsters/dungeons. Special properties earned at alliance base will reflect on the player base nd obviously wars fought with much more interesting scenarios.

Because there are always stupid people giving money to this stupid company, and they want more. :slight_smile:


It is already out in some countries (I think Canada and maybe another country like Philippines, will have to check).

The worldwide release date has not been communicated yet, but it should be next year.


Also, Keenflare is developing this game and it may be easier to completely add features to a game from scratch, than adding them to an already existent game :grinning:

However, there’re still plans for RR2 and they won’t stop working on the game.

And those decorations give also some special bonus as i heard…but i hope that come more things in RR2, it has still lot of place to be occupied with good things if devs want ^^

Hopefully they don’t cost gems =_= please cost gold…

Any amount would be better than gems e.g. 150m statue, 100m flowers



In Olympus Rising they cost gold :slight_smile:

Though, I don’t know if it will come to RR2.

Yup, I played this game and reached among the top 50…not many players Lol!


But recently it stopped working with the upgrade screen. It does not have the aura of RR2, but it’s ok for a change. Characters functionalities are almost the same, but the characters different like Siren, Medusa, Hydra (the 3 headed snake). However, there are plenty of bugs. 

Yup, you are right, they need to work on RR 2 and make it a great game for everybody to get involved in.

omg this is lame . they dont even try to make it an other game , its lame 1 0n 1 copy. i bet they even use the same source code for most parts . some other grafix and wow a new game … realy this shows how lame flare is . the crap that they put in rr2 lately wil also be in the new game . so lame …flare is goin down realy fast i think, realy lame


After the recent update of Olympus Rising (OR), the game has taken a downward trend. 


For example my king: Madmaxx has 14 islands. I hold 8 islands and the rest held by other powerful kings. In a day hardly (1 or 2) Kings of lower level attack the islands, which I recover. So basically, my progress is very slow. There are also people who farm 5 million in a day. Now that is unfair.

Please group similar range players together, or at least, bring the Royal Revolt 2 functionality of attacking other players to increase trophy count and gold.


It’s basically just collecting the items from the collect all button and nothing else.


Kindly do something to make the game interesting.


Since there is no official forum for this, it would be nice if the admins. reply to this thread and explain the gameplay.




My biggest objection to Olympus Rising is that there is no way I would let my kids play that. I mean, look at Promotheus! Yes, it is mythologically correct as an eagle (or is it a vulture?) eats out his liver every day, while Promotheus is chained screaming to a rock (Zeus’s punishment for his bringing fire to the humans), but I cannot see anyone under 14 play that! So IMO Royal Revolt 1 and 2 will both be more popular than Olympus Rising, as these young people constitute quite a large bit of the game-playing audience.


Yup for adults definitely, Medusa and Siren are the reasons. 

I wonder, will this game be available for WP?

It’s only for ios in beta version in specific countries right?