So, what's new?

The war seasons appear settled now, so time to reflect…

War hasn’t actually changed at all, the basic premise is identical to before, just in a few different (worse) formats. Same last minute rush, no chance to change anything or use tactics, dull as you like.

The new war Blessings are a joke, you only get them if you’re top three ranked and then you get them all season, the rest of us just sit and wonder, they might as well not exist as my team (and many others) don’t want promotion as it’ll mean 6 weeks of misery in the top league, so we’ll likely never get to try the new Blessings, ditto many teams in the top league, hardly useful in the scheme of things.

Matchmaking is a complete mess, some hideously bad matches, often in a 1v1 war that often Knocks the crap out of the smaller team, when it happens week after week you start losing players, understandably.

Forging hasn’t actually been changed at all either, we are stuck with the same limited system, the boost using 4 star compared to 1 star is a pale imitation of the old system that we loved.  There is no incentive to forge at all.

We are still at the position where players bin every item apart from cursed or uniques, no point forging, so opening chests has become a largely no incentive task.

Refining is a complete joke, burns huge amounts of resources for the reward of destroying lots of items to give you a weaker item.

No building or defence upgrades yet, but to be honest, with the current state of forging I’m dreading it, stronger defences are going to make things more miserable.

New hero’s or powers are welcome on the surface, but the reality is they will be a pain, very hard to level up and likely (based on Ajax/armitis) not much use to the existing hero’s.

Sorry to be grumpy, but I’m struggling to bother to keep playing. 

I doubt that any of the things you’re complaining about are going to substantially change over the next 6 months. I would expect the new tower/power/unit levels, as they’ve said they’re coming. Other than that: 

  • the forging system is partly designed to nerf items because they realized WAY too late that the old forging system didn’t have a cap. How that happened is still beyond me. But it’s the same deal as the major item nerf last summer. They know it’s bullshit too. They’re lying when they say it’s not bullshit. But they can’t figure out another way to nerf gear.
  • Matchmaking is going to get somewhat better as the seasons go on, but it’s the slow road to china. They probably know now that they f’ed up by not seeding alliances better from the start, but it’s honestly too late at this point. Teams on the bubble are always going to be in painful situations but they’ve just got to realize that and either get better or get worse. Most teams are placed in the correct league and most wars are reasonably fair. Certainly no worse than before. We hear from the people complaining, but it’s a small % of all the alliances.
  • The new war blessings are bizzare, you’re right about that. They’re not even particularly interesting. What would have been interesting is changing 3 of the old war blessings into standard blessings and then adding the new ones in as blessings open to a wider number of alliances. Or contracting the leagues and running 9 war blessings. This is a place where we might actually see something done in the near-term. I would hope they would look at changing the season (and individual war) rewards.
  • Like it or not, we asked for 1v1 wars. Maybe not you, and maybe not me, but they were requested early and often. People were sick of getting gangbanged and thought 1v1 wars would be more fair. I don’t get it either. They’re not more fair, you either match well with the other team or you don’t. There’s no other choice. At least in 3v3 and 4v4 wars you have some options. I really like the 3 way war mode, though, and i’m looking forward to trying that one out again next week. I think you forgot how much strategy there is there. Ok, it’s not chess, but it’s better than the rest!
  • Don’t apologize for being grumpy. There would be no posts in this forum if people were prohibited from posting while grumpy.

OH yeah:

  • Expect perk caps to change sometime soon! You know it’s coming! It’s going to be very heavy handed, not tested well enough, and everyone is going to hate it! It will take 2 months of back and forth to get to a place where people give up and stop complaining.

All fair points.

The matchmaking needs addressing, my baby team got relegated last season due to every war being a grim mismatch, so this season we got one sensible war last week, then a team that has no business being in this league, I simply cannot fathom how a team over twice as strong (by any measure) gets matched like this? Even within the league there would of been a fairer match, so why didn’t they get matched?

Because there’s no matchmaking within leagues once you’re seeded. You can hate it if you want, but it would break the league structure.  The “matchmaking” is that strong teams get promoted and weak teams get demoted. And it takes forever. Yes, they’re being stubborn about this, and they should and can set requirements for leagues that would filter out alliances that are too strong or too weak, but the decision to not have matchmaking within leagues is still correct. It would break everything within 2 war seasons.


And again, it’s worst in 1v1 wars. If it was a 3 or 4 way, the alliance on the other side of you would probably be a fairer fight, or even easy (unless your alliance is completely unqualified to be placed where you are). So you might get picked on from the left, but you could at least attack on the right. Two 1v1 wars is too many.

Another point is that “baby alliances” and training alliances under the old system OFTEN ended up earning lots of torches relative to new alliances created by newbies. Why is this? Well, they would be used as a haven for high level players who needed a break, so sometimes having 2 or 3 high level players was enough to completely demolish an opponent  the alliance otherwise wouldn’t have beaten. Also, those alliances often had a lot of alt accounts from high level players who just have an advantage over truly new players. They know what mistakes not to make (like not calling last strike too early, etc…). Or they just have the institutional knowledge that comes from having high level mentors.

So baby alliances could be underpowered and win lots of torches. And now you might be seeded too high. It’s not the most surprising thing in the world. In the grand scheme, it’s good for the competitive balance of the game, though.

Is there a reason why its 11 days until the next war even thought we’re in mid-season?

It’s 2 weeks on, one week off. Last season was only a 3 war season so they skipped the inbetween week. 

A full war season is 4 wars over 6 weeks.

Fair enough, it’s my team and baby account, I’ve got one ex WG player running it and friends go there if they aren’t very active for a bit. But the rest of the team are all newbies, it’s them I feel for, taking a beating every week when there clearly are teams we could have s good fight with in the league.

We are on the cusp of relegation again, we need a fair match to stop that, clearly we shouldn’t be relegated as we will then be the team beating up all the complete newbie teams in the lowest league, and that isn’t right.

The point (that I know most agree with) is that the matchmaking needs to be adjusted so it takes into account more than one thing, it can’t be that difficult to give sensible matchups.(That said, the last war we were completely mismatched by every measure possible.)

Thank you for your feedback. :slight_smile: I will put it on my list to pass onto the devs.

Just to add to this, again my baby team got mismatched, one team had twice the VP, the other 3 times… only the fact 3 of us are experienced and manage to steal torches with sneaky tactics is holding us with hope of not being relegated.

Basically this entire season we have mismatched, but looking at the league there are plenty of teams we could of had a fair fight against.

Edit: look at the last war, imagine what joy that was! 600k Vs 150k

Not trying to be snarky at all, but would your team be happier if you were relegated?

No, we are in the right league, they are big with so many possible opponents and we keep getting ones that are clearly heading up, rather than ones like us that are correct for the league.

If we dropped we would then be in the position of hammering everyone we meet, that’s equally not fair .