So yea where the F#&$ is my uber chest.

After logging in those many days you get an uber chest. today was supposed to be my day and i get a common chest instead? wtf?



The timer ticks down every day. After 30 days you start from the beginning with a common chest.
So in 30 days you have to collect daily chests on 28 days! If e.g. you login and collect chests only
every 2nd day, you get only 15 of the 28 chests (the last 13 expire and you can never get them).
If you miss 3 (!) out of 30 days, then you won’t get the uber chest at the end. That obviously
happened to you …

I didnt miss a single day since i started lol. LITERALLY… they’ve have to go back and see when i joined but i know i was suppsed to get that fawking box lol. I was waitng for it too.

Maybe someone from Flare can tell whether or not you actually connected everyday. Maybe you missed and day and just don’t remember it.

Oh believe me, each day is checked. I’m in recovery all I do is play this and other games. This is the first one I play everyday I wake up to make sure to check in. It’s the first thing I do on all my games.