Socal looking for stressfree new members!

Socal alliance looking for new members! :slight_smile:

S ocal stands for Southern California and as in California we always try to keep a “sunny” atmosphere in our alliance:-)

O ur alliance level is currently 57.

O n the leaderbord we are at 470 at the moment.

W e like to think that we are an easygoing alliance. Trying to keep things friendly and enjoying the game and having fun chatting:-)

C urrently we are looking for interested players!

Y ou should be at least around 75 in hero level and donate daily 100k or above. (Of course we gladly see people donate more:-)

E nglish is the main language in this alliance!

F or the moment we have four permanent boosts: Shiny knights, freshly painted barricades, mean and green ogres and of course those loud noisy cannons!

R ules we have a few:

D onate daily, fight in wars, no bad language.

I f you are a so called jumper or in the non-fighting generation please let us know when you join us:-)

W e are a stressfree alliance, aiming to have fun while we play and making friends all over the world!

I f you are interested please drop by, we are looking forward to see you!

H ave a nice day everyone:-) :slight_smile:

I want to merge my ally and my friends with your ally. want generalship and my friends as general. we have 10M donations.