Soldier League

In my later post I mentioned about soldier league. I will give some details about that. 

     Like that of P.L you need tickets to enter in soldier league. When you enter the menu you’ll find all the troops arranged in random order in a line. In the bottom center there is an arrow. You’ll find a button named spin under the arrow. Click it. You’ll use 1 of your ticket for each spin. It will spin and when you click again it’ll slow down and stop. The troop on the arrow is selected as your league. For example if the necromencer stops on the arrow you’ll enter necromencer league. You win the league by competing in 3 battles. What makes it different from that of normal battle is that it have challenges and conditions. In the battle menu you’ll see the conditions and challenges in the right side. It will written in some kind of riddle language. You have to find what that means. You can find the challenges and conditions below. Level 1 have a random challenge and a condition. Lv 2 have 2 challenges and 1 condition. Lv 3 have 3 challenges and 2 conditions. You have 5 battle chances for all 3 battles. What is the reward? Well it is not determined. I was thinking to give troop gears as reward. But most of them disliked that idea. So the reward for your victory is all the available boosts except pro boost of the selected troop for 5 days. (Please note that it is not a alliance challenge. The rewards will be only applied only on the players. Not the whole alliance). 

I hope you like my idea. And good luck playing the league.

Challenges :-

For the convenience I haven’t named the challenges and conditions in the riddle form. Discription is available too.

Resistant troops:- Enemy troops have 50% resistant on every kind of attack.

Blood troops:- Troops that drain life from king and his troops.

Permanent Rage:- Enemy troops and towers are covered with permanent rage.

Ability shift:- Troops and towers can change their stats with nearby ones.

All boost:- Battle with all the boost

Speed boost:- Boosts speed and att rate by 50%

Translocation portals:- summons a translocation portal randomly.

Dual beasts:- Chance that you’ll face double beasts.

Concentration life:- Troops give their life to specific troop like that of dragon channeling dragon energy to others.

Slowdown:- King is hit by slowdown ( Not a slowdown created by ice damage ) randomly 

Knockback wind:- A wind hits you and your army randomly. This creates knockback effect.


Conditions :-

No spells:- Spells are banned

2 spells :- only 2 spells available 

single spell:- only 1 spell available.

Troop version of the above conditions.

No hero scream

No event troops

Do not touch towers:- If the king touches any tower you lose.

No insta

Speed decreased by 50%

Attack decreased by 50%


Sounds interesting. Wouldn’t get me back in the game but properly balanced it could be a nice side-thing. The boost thing for rewards is a bit OP at 5 days, but make it 1 or 2 days and it would be better balanced. I like that it would give those who don’t want to be in an alliance the chance to boost their troops. That’s definitely something that needs to happen now because not everyone wants to play in an alliance and some players like to merc

This is impossible, except at the speed of light.