Soldiers' Vision Radius is far too large!

Hello, Conquest level 1 Watchtowers have a vision radius of 2 tiles.

For some reason soldiers have a vision radius of 4 tiles.

Soldiers need to have a vision radius of only 1 or 2 tiles. I can go into detail for reasons for this conclusion if necessary, but I think this was unintentional and easily fixable for next Conquest.

makes sense. implement immediately.

Soldiers have eagle-eye but the towers are built so tall that the clouds obstruct the view, thus towers have shorter sight range. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, maybe there could be different soldier classes, like scouts have sight and speed but are weak, assault troops that are slow and tough but blind and so on. Or would that make things too complicated?

I agree

The community wanted to be able to move in longer steps, so they implemented that you can move 4 tiles at once. Of course the vision radius must match that longer range, you cannot move when you don’t know what’s there.

This is to let players scout more effectively (so they can plan where to go), while limiting towers ability to see the enemy, from a physics point, it doesn’t make sense, but works for conquest.

If players had limited vision, there would be a lot of frustration going down dead ends and running out of energy.

If anything Towers vision should be extended not shortening the player vision for reasons stated by others.   I know it makes it hard to ambush someone but how would you know to ambush them if your vision was shortened?  

Hehe, just implement the fog of war, which everybody likes a lot gg


Hello there BobotheMighty,

We will adjust the minimum vision range for Towers to 4 with the next version update.

More details on when the new version will come I will communicate at a later time.